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Is iron oxide rust?


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Yes. Iron Oxide is the scientific name for rust.

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Rust is caused when oxygen reacts with iron.Iron oxide does not cause rust, it is rust.

iron oxide is called rust. where is rust found?

Rust is not an element but compounds of iron. The brown oxide of iron is ferrous oxide and the black oxide of iron is ferric oxide.

Rust, iron oxide, predominantly Fe2O3.

Rust is an iron oxide, Fe2O3.

Iron oxide is a compound

The chemical name for rust is Iron Oxide. The formula for Iron Oxide (rust) is FeO.

Iron oxide, which is rust. When oxygen reacts with iron the iron "oxidizes" forming iron oxide (rust).

Rust is iron(II) oxide (also known as ferrous oxide), it is made from iron and oxygen.

No- if it did, water would wash away rust (rust is iron oxide)

iron oxide, or rust, is formed by the combination of iron and oxygen

Rust is a hydrated iron oxide.

Rust is a hydrated iron oxide.

Rust which is iron oxide.

Rust is Iron oxide. It contains Iron and Oxygen.

Iron and oxygen. Rust is iron oxide.

Iron oxide is normally known as rust.

Rust is composed of iron oxide. The chemical formula for iron oxide is Fe2O3. This means there are 2 atoms of iron in every molecule of rust.

No, the iron reacts with oxygen to create iron oxide (rust).

Rust is any oxidised metal - iron oxide is specifically oxidised iron, although it's the most commonly encountered oxidised metal is iron oxide.

The scientific name for rust is iron oxide. It is made up of the elements iron and oxygen. Turning iron to iron oxide is an example of corrosion.

Fe2O3 - Iron Oxide. Literally, rust is the process by which iron oxidizes.

Rust is Iron Oxide, From Being Exposed to Oxygen.

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