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The chances of being pregnant after all of that are very very slim. For the most part the sperm needs to be all the way inside the vagina to do anything and the morning after pill works almost all of the time, especially when taken as directed. My guess is that its very unlikely that your pregnant right now.


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Any amount of sperm can make a woman pregnant. Even one little tiny sperm by itself can get the job done. The chances are lowered greatly though but it is still very very possible.

It is possible that she could be pregnant if you had sperm on your fingers. She should take a pregnancy test if she misses her next period

There are such chances but in a very little percent.

The chances are viable that you could be pregnant. Pre-ejaculation, which your partner can't control, contains sperm. Also, even a male can't say for sure whether he ejaculated a little. Protection is necessaary. Your chances for a sexually transmitted disease also rise vastly when you refuse to use protection.

if you used the pill and a condom then I would say there is little chance you are pregnant

As far as I can tell from the little research I did antibiotics play no role in pregnancy. Technically it is possible to get pregnant while menstruating but this is very rare as you need to be ovulating and menstruation is getting rid of a failed pregnancy.

If you had two normal periods , the chances of you getting pregnant are very little.

It's PossibleYes, a girl can become pregnant if only a little sperm is ejaculated.

slim. but due only to the morning after pill. pulling out does not work as semen comes out in litle bits long before you cum. and the rhythm method only makes it a little less likely.

It all depends if he did while inside, if he did than yes there is a possibilty you can get pregnant. The female orgasm has little influence on the chances of successful conception.

When you are pregnant you want as little stress as possible. To much stress can effect and harm the baby.

No, chances are very little, actually quite impossible. It takes alot of semen to enter the fallopian tubes, in order to fertilize an egg.

The percentage of becoming pregnant after the lady has gone under a tubiligation, or as some people call it tubegtomy, the chances are very, very little indeed.

Yes but the little condoms are very expensive and hard to get on them.

If you are taking your pill , regularly and faithfully, the chances of you getting pregnant is very little indeed, and you can be free for a date with your boy.

All it takes is one sperm to fertilize the egg. The chances are likely of being pregnant.

Yes, it's possible. Marijuana has very little effect on fertility.

yes it is very possible you may be pregnant with little or no symptoms in many women. sometimes you may not have any symptoms up until the 6th or 8th week of pregnancy.

It's possible but not very likely. If you just became pregnant there can be spotting in the beginning, and cramps isn't too unusual. If you have been pregnant for a little while now I suggest seeing an OBGYN right away.

Yes, During ovulation days, there are very much chances to get pregnant even with single intercourse. The actual purpose of intercourse is to reach the sperm to the ova in vagina, so as the little amount of sperm contains millions of spermatozoa so it is possible the pregnancy even if little amount of sperm enters into the vagina.

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