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Uh, no. And vice versa.

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Q: Is it 'okay' for women to be aggressively sexist?
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Can women be sexist?

Yes. They are more aggressively sexist than men, despite denial of it.

Why are women agressively sexist?

Some women are aggressively sexist because many females are taught not to be sexist, by society, or at least not to be sexist towards men since they are often seen as the dominant gender.Since there tends to be more men who show sexist tendencies towards females, even when not aware because of how society teaches males to behave, women have less people backing them when they want something done equally for both genders. In turn, they feel they have to behave far more aggressively in pushing their point and show to be sexist either intentionally or unintentionally rather than showing to just want equality.

What is the plural of sexist?

Because sexist is an adjective, not a noun, it cannot have a plural. You can have sexist men or sexist women.

What is a women hater called?


Why was sigmund freud sexist?

Sigmund Freud is sexist because of his views about women. He said that women are mutilated and have lack of deformity.

Did women have professions and if so what were they?

of course women have/had jobs. how sexist are you?

What is the name of a person who does not like women?


How did Napoleon Bonaparte view women?

He was a sexist.

Do women help sexist attitudes?

Oh heck ya!!!! THEY ARE SO VERY HOT Women.... Women !!! Sexist... hah ! OH Yes..... Oh no, that's sexy, isn't it.......

Does pride and prejudice reinforce or erode sexist stereotypes of women?

The novel Pride and Prejudice was written by Jane Austen. The theme of the book does not center around sexist stereotypes, but the story does reinforce sexist stereotypes of women.

What do you call someone who does not respect women?

misogynist or sexist

Why do men have to use urinals?

Because women are sexist

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