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I have seen it spelled both ways and at first I thought "whet" was the olde english spelling. I hope you find this explanation as sensible as I did.

To whet is to sharpen / hone. So harken back to the days before modern machinery. It's harvest time and the gentlemen farmers would gather in each other's fields to cut grain with their long scythes, also called whistles as they whistled as the men cut through the crops. Obviously, as the men stopped to sharpen their scythes or whet their whistles, the whistling would stop. This would alert the women folk back at the farm house, that the men had stopped and it was a good time for the ladies to bring them water. So the whet your whistle is to sharpen a scythe. To wet your whistle is to satisfy the need for a drink. Ever tried whistling with a dry mouth?

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How can you write a sentence with wet and whet?

A wet stone will help me whet my edged tools. I wanted to whet my appetite, but she said I was all wet.

What is the homonym of wet?


Is it 'wet' your appetite or 'whet' your appetite?

The correct form in "to whet your appetite". "Whet" means to hone or to make more keen or stimulated, whereas "wet" means to cover or soak with water. a whet "wet" rock is used to sharpen knives. the stone or rock is actually wet with water or oil to lubricate & cool the material bing sharpened

Is it wet your thirst or whet your thirst?

Whet your thirst. From Websters: to make keen or more acute : EXCITE, STIMULATE *whet the appetite* *whetted her curiosity*

What is the difference between a wet whistle and a dry whistle?

About 40 proof

What blues song has lyric you wet my appetite?

The song is called "WHET my appetite", sung by Teresa James!

What does it mean when a hamster bottom is whet?

Well, all I know is that "wet tail" is a very deadly sickness to hamsters... If you hear that your hamster has wet tail, take it to a vet!

What are the release dates for Excused - 2011 The Royal Whistle Is Wet 1-36?

Excused - 2011 The Royal Whistle Is Wet 1-36 was released on: USA: 27 January 2012

What rhymes with threat?

bet, debt, fret, get, jet, let, met, net, pet, set, sweat, vet, wet, whet, yet

Whet is hitler?

a hitler is a movie actpor

Where did the term Wet your whistle come from?

A common misconception is that the phrase comes from pub drinkers having a whistle baked into the rim or handle of their mugs, and that people blew on this whistle to get service from the barman. Unfortunately, as convenient as it sounds, this isn't the case. The word "whistle" has been used to describe the throat or mouth for hundreds of years, with the complete phrase appearing in literature at least as far back as the late 14th century. So, to "wet your whistle" means nothing more than to wet your mouth or throat with a drink. Just remember: whistling at the barman for a refill is an easy way to get thrown out of a pub.

Can you use whet in a sentence?

Smelling the steaks on the barbecue really whet my appetite!I bought a new stone to whet the blade of my dager.

What is a homophone for whet?

Gaia subscribers are able to Stream yoga, meditation, and mind-expanding programs that provide a true alternative to mainstream media. Gaia offers a holistic approach to help fuel the daily pursuit of a conscious life.

Use whet in a sentence?

Just let me whet my knife, and I 'll get started.

How do you whet appetite?

You whet an appetite by smelling or tasting something that you really like.

What saying includes the word wet?

to get your feet wet (meaning to give something new a try)wet your whistle (to have something to drink)slippery when wetHe's all wet (meaning wrong)She's a wet blanket (an unethusiastic person who brings others down)wet behind the ears (new at something, a novice)

How do you use the word whet in a sentence?

The word whet is a verb that means to make sharp. The wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen served to whet David's appetite.

What rhymes with Brett?

bet, Chet, debt, fret, get, jet, let, met, net, pet, set, stet, sweat, Tet, threat, wet, whet, yet

What rhymes with wet?

Yet, get, set, whet, bet, debt, jet, let, met, net, pet, vet,met set bet net yet vet get

What is a sentence for whet?

The smell of an apple pie cooking in the oven will never fail to whet my appetite.

What is a whet stone used for in gardening?

A whet stone is used to sharpen tools used for gardening.

Why is the northern saw whet owl called the northern saw whet owl?

it is called the northern saw-whet owl because one of its calls sound like a whetting saw

When was Northern Saw-whet Owl created?

Northern Saw-whet Owl was created in 1788.

Why are the letters in soeur squished?

Œ is a ligature of O and E, surprisingly enough. It is left-over from the Latin.And, now, a selection of similar words to whet your whistle.cœur ("heart"), œuf ("egg"), œuvre ("work") and œil ("eye")

What is the synonym for whet?

edge, grind , sharpen or to animate, enhance, incite both different but both the synonyms for whet (v)