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You CAN leave the ring in for 4 weeks, it will still work for up to that. It's fine to have your period every 5 weeks if that's what you want to do. But most women leave it in for just 3 weeks and have their period every 4.

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Q: Is it 3 weeks or 4 weeks that you leave the Nuva ring in before you change it to the new ring because you want the method where you wait 3 rings and then have your period?
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What are your chances of getting pregnant after your period and using the pull out method?

The pull out method doesn't work. You can get pregnant before, during, and after your period.

Is conception after your last period or before?

conception occurs appr 2 weeks after ur last period not before because if you got pregnant before your period your period would not come on conception occurs appr 2 weeks after ur last period not before because if you got pregnant before your period your period would not come on

Why do you get heartburn before your period?

because it could be a warning that your period is coming because you have heartburn

Chances to get pregnant with withdrawal method 1 week before your period?

normally none.

Do you count a missed period as your last period?

No, because you did not have it. Therefore the period before that one was your last period.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when your on your PERIOD and the guy pulled out before he anything else could happen but he didn't even ejaculate?

It is possible. The pull out method is not reliable. This is because pre-ejaculate is released before ejaculation, and this contains sperm. Some women ovulate during their period, and if you do you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period.

Will starting the birth control pill before your period delay it?

Starting the pill before your period may delay your period, but you may also have breakthrough bleeding during the first three cycles. If starting the pill before your period, use a back up birth control method for the first seven days.

Having pimples is one symptoms before your period?

most of the times you get more pimples before or during the period, because your hormones go crazy, but you can't only get pimples before the period.

What is the nutural method of family planning by concerning the monthly period dates?

having sex two days before and five days after monthly period

Can you become pregnant 5 days after your period ended if he pulled out?

Yes, because even before he pulled out, he could have released some sperm in his pre-ejaculate. The pullout method is NOT a reliable form of contraception, it would be a good idea to find a more reliable method. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

I am taking the pill just to change the time I am supposed to start my period for this month due to a vacation - if you start to spot should you take two pills instead?

No and it won't change your period. It takes a month before the pill takes effect so you will have your period as you nornally do. If you have sex it won't keep you from getting pregnant either because, again, it takes a whole cycle before it is effective.

Do you have to get a period before you can get pregnant after the implanon is removed?

You can get pregnant two weeks before your first period after having the contraceptive implant removed. Use another method of birth control if you don't want to get pregnant.

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My nipples are sore and my period is spotty?

Not to worry, Its all because of the hormone change that happens when you are in period. :-)

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Do you count 14 days before your period or after?

If you're talking about ovulation you count 14 days BEFORE your period. But unless you use fertility awareness method you can't know when you're fertile.

Is it normal to have a tingly feeling in your vagina before your period?

Yes it is. Many females get a feeling because they are sexually attracted or turned on or it can be because you are stressed because your on your period.

Why is your period longer than normal after you had usafe coitus 3 days before period?

All this means is that your period is longer than normal. The fact you had sex a few days before your period doesn't change your menstrual flow.

Will starting birth control pills before your period cause bad side effects?

No, it will just change the days your period is on.

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Is it possible for your period to be so heavy that your body will reject the fertilization?

No, because you get pregnant before you period. You will not have a period if you are pregnant. And a heavy period will not "wash out" a pregnancy.

Why do you crave tomatoes before your period?

Because you need iron

You bled a week before your period then when the time your period came you spotted and cramped are you pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test. Also cycle can change after a certain amount of months, if you been having a normal period for at least the last 6 months to a year it's a little easier to use the method to tell if your pregnant or not

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