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I would say that is perfect. Why on earth would you want pus or crusties? yes, that's perfectly fine. You still could get some though. It seems like it's the worst in the first month to 6 weeks of the healing period.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-04 12:16:36
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Q: Is it OK for a week-old navel piercing not to have pus or 'crusties' appearing around it?
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How can I get rid of the crusty stuff that's on my lip piercing?

DO NOT PICK IT OFF WITH ANYTHING BUT WATER. when your in the shower then put your face in the water and the crusties should come off. when not in the shower use a sea salt solution. get non iodized sea salt and a warm cup of water put a teaspoon of the sea salt in it and mix it and dip a q-tip in and lightly move the crusties from around your lip piercing. If your talking about a healing piercing this is what you should do.

What are the first symtoms of an infected navel piercing?

-yellow/green discharge from piercing -pain or tenderness around the piercing -red, purple, or yellowish discoloration around piercing

How to get rid of redness around my lips piercing?

ask the person who did the piercing!

Is it okay to use Bare Minerals makeup after just getting a facial piercing?

Around the piercing but not on the piercing.

How much does a jacob's ladder piercing cost?

around 70dollars each piercing where i live

You have had your belly button pierced for about five months and around the tip of the ring it is red and the crusties keep growing on it. Is it infected?

If you have changed the jewellery since it was pierced, chances are good you have junk jewellery in the piercing and are reacting to the metal. Good see your professional body piercer, they need to see what it's doing in order to guide you in the right direction.

Would it help if you pit ice on your dimple piercing if you have a lump around it?

NO. It'd help if you went to a piercing shop and asked them what was wrong with your piercing. The lump around it could be a sac of infection.

How do you know if you belly piercing is infeted or not?

when the area around the piercing is really red and looks like it has blisters on it.

If cockroaches keep appearing around you what does this mean?

The cultural belief of a cockroach that keeps appearing around a person means there are bad events to take place. It is considered a bad omen.

How many people around the world get piercing?

Lots, piercing has been around for hundreds of years, so to give you an accurate number would be impossible.

What type of piercing is industrial piercing?

An industrial piercing is a type of piercing where two holes are connected by a single straight piece of jewelry. The healing time for these holes is around 6-12 months.

How do you know if your rook piercing is infected?

If the area is exceptionally swollen or red weeks after, if there is blood or puss around the piercing or if there is a crust developing on or around the piercing, its likely to be infected. You should go and see your piercer and ask their advice on what to do!!!

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