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Is it OK to bathe in a tub 2 weeks after giving birth?

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You need to ask your doctor.

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How long after giving birth can you get into a hot tub?

6 weeks is the magic number.

What do they bathe pigs in?

I bathe mines in the sink if its bigger then 5 inches then bathe it in the bath tub.

How do you bathe your German shepherd?

If its summer time you can bathe him/her outside.If winter bathe in the bath tub.

What was use for the bath tub?

To bathe.

Difference between bathe and bath?

Bath is a noun, bathe is a verb.e.g. I am going to take a bath.e.g. I am going to climb in the tub and bathe myself.

How did ancient Greeks bathe?

They used to strip off and crouch down in a tub.

What are benefits of a walk in bath tub?

A walk in tub makes it easier for people with limited mobility to enter the tub, as they do not have to step over anything. These tubs usually come equipped with seats so that the user can bathe easily.

How do bathe your ferret?

I bathe my ferrets one of two ways, either fill the tub with water and baby soap about 4 inches or I use the sink sprayer and hold them the entire time

How do you bathe a pet on sims 2 pets on ps2?

To bathe your pet you have to firstly have a bath tub. (You can't use the shower stalls)If you stand close to the bath tub and press x then there should be an option that says wash pet. You press x on that and that should make you automaticly wash your pet.

When i try to bathe my pet there's nothing happening how do you use the shower icon in pet care?

u have to have a bath tub to do it

What did Jonas dream about?

Jonas dream was his first stirring (He was in the bathing room with Fiona and was trying to convince her to get into the tub so he could bathe her)

Is there a machine in Sims 3 pets to get rid of fleas?

i do not think so but u can have a teen or older sim to bathe your pet in a tub.

Can you give cats baths?

Yeah but they won't like it.I put on swimming trunks and went in the tub with a frightened feral we had to bathe a while back--he tolerated that pretty well. He was freak'in out when tried to handle him from outside the tub.

How do you you bathe a guinea pig?

once a month you should bathe your guinea pig in a sink or tub, always hold its head above water, you should rub gently at its fur, especially the feet and rear. Shampoo and conditioner are not needed.

What causes a ring in the bathtub?

When you bathe the dirt and soap floats off your skin and sticks to the side of the tub, leaving a ring when the water is drained.

How long after a total hip replacement can you go into a hot tub?

I got my staples out 2 weeks after surgery and the nurse said no baths or jacuzzis for 3 weeks after staples were removed... I'm waiting 6 weeks after surgery to swim or hot tub just to be safe

How long should you wait to get in a hot tub after prostate biopsies?

6 weeks

Would you rather sleep in a bed of worms or bathe daily in a tub full of daddy long legs?

sleep in worms because the at lteast ill have chlothes on

Can a hot tub make y give birth?

Some birthing centers use a hot tub for labor and delivery. It is called a water birth. A hot tub in itself can not make you go into labor, it can alleviate the pains of labor if done correctly in a controlled environment like a birthing center.

How do give a bath to a shih tzu?

Its like any other dog bath. You can either bathe him or her in your sink or tub. Just rinse all over your dog & put some shampoo. Its simple, but some shih tzus will try to clinb out and sometimes they dont like to bathe

Can you bathe a German sherpard puppy?

Hold him gently in the bath tub and let him see and sniff the shower handle, turn it on and sooth him and gradually bring it over him. He'll be fine.

Is it ok for a father and daughter aged 18 mos to bathe together?

YES! THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL! i do this all the time and i have an extremely healthy relationship with my dad!! sometimes he massages me in the tub ;)

Have you ever bathed or showered with a sibling of the same or opposite sex?

Most kids bathe once or another with their siblings when they are little. Many cute pictures from that with all the kids in the tub.

How do you get a pets hygiene up on he sims 2 pets PC?

give them a bath (: select your sim and then the bath tub and it should say 'bathe... (insert pet name here)' then your sim should whistle or fetch your pet to have a bath and then can praise/scold them depending on whether they behaved in the tub or not (:

How do you hibernate a tortoise?

you hibernate your tortoise in a 3-7 degree place like a loft or a atic or this may sound cruel (trust me its not) in a mini fridge but in a box with holes. you gradually feed him/her less. this is a list for how long they should hibernate for. newborn hatchings-0 weeks 1 year old tortoise-3 weeks 2 year old tortoise-6 weeks 3 year old tortoise-10 weeks 4 year old tortoise-16 weeks 5 and older tortoise-22 weeks if your tortoise does not wake from hibernation place him/her in a tub of shallow warm water (like you would usually bathe him/her. good luck x