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That's up to you. If there is some sort of attraction between either one of you, then stay away. How would you feel if it was the other way around? There's plenty of men out their. Don't mess with the ones that are already in a relationship. Otherwise if there is no attraction, then chow down!! Nothing wrong with that.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-25 19:55:31
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Q: Is it OK to go to lunch with a guy who has a girlfriend?
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What do you do when your girlfriend wants to hang out with a friend who is a guy this guy used to like my girlfriend but now he has a girlfriend what do i do is it right for me to be bothered?

Well, its ok for them to hang out. If you trust her, then yes, if not then go with her. Like a double date.

Is it right for a girlfriend to go to a school dance that your not going to with another guy?

It's ok for a girl to go to a dance with a guy but if the girl likes the guy you may want to go to the dance with her not him!!!

What to say to ask a guy out?

ok you should say " hey wanna grab a lunch or something or send a note saying wanna go out?? i did that so

Is it ok to call a guy if his friend gave me his number?

well the first thing you need to ask yourself does he have a girlfriend? if yes, is she your friend and if no, then whats stopping you if you want someone, girlfriend or not, go for it. that's what i did and guess what, now the guy likes ME

Which is more hurtful to a woman...when a guy breaks up to be alone.. or when he breaks up to be with another woman.. or is it the same?

well it's ok for a guy to break up with his girlfriend for a another girl but it's not ok for the girl to go out with a another guy while dating her boyfriend

How can you get a lesbian that has a girlfriend go out with a guy?

If she is a lesbian why would she even go for a guy? Oh yeah she wouldn't.

How can you get this guy to go out with you when he already has a girlfriend?

be hotter than her

What do you do if a guy asks you to be his girlfriend?

say yes and go with it

What if a guy ask a girl for lunch and you said lets just do some other time?

Um...what if? You didn't really ask a question, so I can't really answer it. However, if you didn't want to have lunch at that time but wanted to go out later, it's perfectly OK to do so.

Is it ok to tell a guy to go out with you?

No, Its not okay to TELL a guy to go out with you. But Its alright to ASK him to go out with you... There's a MAJOR difference.

How do you get a guy to break up with his jealous girlfriend?

you go up to the guy and tell him you dont mean this in a bad way but you think that his girlfriend is no good for him

What do you do if you want this guy to go to prom with you but he has a girlfriend in another state?

Look for a different partner. If he goes to the prom with you, he'll most likely get problems with his girlfriend. What you could do in my opinion is ask him whether he'd like to go with you while telling him that you know he has a gf and you only want him to go with you if she's ok with it.

Is it OK if you tell a girl that you never had a girlfriend?

It's totally ok. And some girls thinks it's cute to hear that from a guy. I would rather be a guy's first girlfriend than anything. Whatever girl you want to tell, go right ahead and tell her. And if she makes fun of you, she's not worth it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with never having a girlfriend.

Is it go to lunch or go for lunch?

Unless your lunch is literally running from you, it is "go to lunch."

What should I do if my girlfriend goes out to lunch everyday at school with the same too people They are guys and she does that rather than hang out with you or go to lunch with you Is this a sign?

mate just go and hang out with her see where it goes from there.

Does your guy friend who has a girlfriend like you?

If he has a girlfriend then he may like you but not as much as his girlfriend. You need to tell him you cannot go out with him while he is still with his girlfriend as it is not fair on you or her.

When a guy asks a girl to go steady with him what does it mean?

To be his regular girlfriend.

What if your girlfriend takes a guy best friend to sadie's?

She SHOULD be taking YOU if she's your girlfriend. If you can't go, then she shouldn't want to go I'd think

Is it ok to go out with you friends ex girlfriend?

if you ask him first n hes chill with it

You been sleeping with a guy for a year that has a girlfriend He's now living with her and she's pregnant with his child He's always been there for you How do you let go?

ok first of all you shouldn't be sleeping with a guy that has a girlfriend. just tell yourself that he truly doesnt want you anymore. it may hurt, but in my opinion, it is the best way to get over something.

Shall you go for lunch in Malayalam?

Shall we go for lunch in Malayalam? Or, Will you go for lunch in Malayalam?

How do you get the guy sitting at the table in the daycare in Pokemon?

OK this is how you put two of your Pokemon in the daycare then when you go out of the house go back in there then the guy will sit there.

Can you still go to heaven if you let your girlfriend give you anul instead of a guy?

No because its your girlfriend but if it was your wife than yes.

If a guy has a girlfriend but says he doesnt like her anymore and tries to get rid of her and likes you what do you do?

Go to the guy and tell him to tell his girlfriend that he has a crush on you and that he thinks they should get over each other.

What does it mean When a guy say do you want to go out with me?

It mean Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?