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It won't hurt you to take prenatal vitamins when you are not pregnant as long as you take a normal dose. Some beauticians actually recommend it to strengthen hair and nails and make hair grow faster.

you actually should take them if you are considering becoming pregnant it is beneficial to take them for 3 months before you even start trying to conceive good luck

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Q: Is it OK to take folic acid and prenatal vitamins when not pregnant?
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Is there a a substitute vitamin for the prenatal vitamins?

No but the most important thing about the prenatal vitamins is the folic acid. You can substitute prenatal vitamins for a multi-vitamin along with a daily dose of folic acid.

Should you take folic acid along prenatal vitamins?

get the vitamins for the obgyn they have all the folic acid that you need!

What age can you buy folic acid?

Age is not a factor in buying folic acid and/or prenatal vitamins

When the pregnant woman can take a folic acid?

Its good for a woman to take prenatal vitamins before she gets pregnant! Folic acid is in the prenatals and thats a must to have while pregnant...Should start it right away!

Does prenatal vitamins help women who are not pregnant have more energy?

The only thing that differs from prenatal vitamins and regular mulitvitamins is folic acid. folic acid is a necessary nutrient for pregnant woman. It aids in the proper growth of the spinal column in the developing baby. If you are low on energy you might want to consider taking more B vitamins.

What will prenatal vitamins do if your not pregnant?

Prenatal vitamins, are vitamins designed for pregnant women, meaning they may have higher amounts of iron, and folic acid not found in OTC vitamins. They will not harm you and are actually recommended during the time you are trying to conceive and during your 6-8 weeks postpartum.

Is it okay to take prenatal vitamins while being pregnant?

Yes!!!! Please take the vitamins. The vitamins contain an essential nutrient called Folic Acid. Folic Acid is important to the devloping baby. The Folic Acid helps the proper formation of the baby, including the spine. It also helps in the proper formaion of cells.

What are the best prenatal vitamins pregnant women can purchase?

The best prenatal vitamins pregnant women can buy would be ones with extra amounts of the vitamins pregnant women need most. A few of those extra vitamin amounts would include folic acid, calcium, and iron.

What is th pills you have to take when your pregnant?

prenatal vitiams and folic acid

If you are pregnant are prenatal vitamins required?

You should carry on taking folic acid through the first trimester, along with iron and calcium throughout the pregnancy.

Women Should Take Organic Prenatal Vitamins To Protect Their Babies?

Prenatal vitaminsWomen who are planning on getting pregnant or are already pregnant should take organic prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are important to take before, during and after pregnancy because they contain important ingredients such as folic acid.Women Must Take Organic Prenatal VitaminsAlthough most experts recommend that women take prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant, experts also urge women who are not taking prenatal vitamins to start taking organic prenatal vitamins as soon as they learn they are pregnant. Women who take prenatal vitamins have the added reassurance of knowing they have the proper nutrients in their body.Women Should Take Organic Prenatal Vitamins That Have Folic AcidWhether a woman is planning on getting pregnant or is currently pregnant, women must make certain that they are taking an organic prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid. Folic acid is the main ingredient in prenatal pills that helps prevent neural tube defects. Women who do not take folic acid put their unborn child at risk for a spinal cord defect known as spinal bifida. Babies born with spinal bifida are born with an exposed spine.Women Should Supplement Their Meals With Organic Prenatal VitaminsEven women who eat well each day should make certain that they are supplementing their diet with organic prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid. Although organic prenatal vitamins contain other beneficial ingredients, folic acid is one of the main ingredients that helps make certain that babies are born strong and healthy. Although many foods contain folic acid, doctors warn that eating well-balanced meals may not be enough to prevent birth defects. As such, all pregnant women should take organic prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid.Women who are planning to become pregnant or are of child bearing age should take an organic prenatal vitamin to make certain they have the proper level of nutrients in their system at all times. By taking organic prenatal vitamins before, during and after a pregnancy, women will have the added reassurance of knowing that they have taken the steps to deliver a healthy and strong baby.

Do prenatal plus vitamins have folic acid?

Check the label. I assume that most would - this is the main reason why women take these vitamins. It is hard to get the required amount of folic acid from a normal diet.

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