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Both are only an appliance. Neither knows anything about the presence of the other. They won't get jealous or have some kind of fight during the middle of the night. Why not if you feel that you need them?

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Q: Is it OK to use both a gas and electric clothes dryers in the same home if both connections are available?
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What are pros and cons of gas clothes dryers?

Gas clothes dryers are more energy efficient. They take less time to dry clothing than electric dryers. The cost of gas usage is cheaper than electric also.

Can you plug an electric dryer into an outlet on a 40 amp breaker?

Electric clothes dryers in the U.S. should be on 30 amp breakers only.

Are there 120 volt clothes dryers available?

bosch makes 120 volt clothes dryers...Additional answer:There are many clothes dryers that will operate on 110 volts - and they are usually ones with gas heaters. These include Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, Hotpoint, Haier, LG, Samsung and others.

When were the first electric clothes dryers invented?

The first electric clothes dryer was invented in 1930 by J. Ross Moore, it was followed shortly thereafter by the gas clothes dryer. The dryer was a modern day savior for many housewives.

What size breaker for an electric dryer?

Most dryers for clothes require a 30 amp 220 volt breaker.

An electric dryer works on what voltage?

In the U.S. the most common residential voltage for an electric clothes dryer is 240 volts. In commercial application you will find clothes dryers that operate at 208 volts. In UK 240V.

What year was the clothes dryer invented?

The first electric an gas clothes dryers appeared on the market about 1935. However, the popularity of the appliance did not become significant until the 1950s.

What reason would someone get an gas dryer?

Gas dryers are often cheaper to purchase than electric dryers. Also, a home may only have a gas hook-up available. In the past, gas dryers were much more popular than electric, and many households havent upgraded yet.

Does Hotpoint appliances sell washers and dryers?

Hotpoint appliances sell washers and dryers. They offer several varieties; gas, electric, etc. There are multiple choices and options available at hotpoint appliacnes.

Do they sell 110 volt dryers?

Although harder to find, they do make 110 volt clothes dryers. They are usually a smaller capacity than 220 volt dryers and may take longer for clothes to dry.

Are electric dryers or gas dryers more energy efficient?

Gas dryers will dry clothes using less overall energy. However that does not necessarily mean that they are the cheapest to operate. Overall operating costs will depend on the cost of your gas. Natural gas is far less expensive than propane.

Where might one go to find reviews for electric clothes dryers?

Many stores will list reviews on the products the carry. The magazine by Consumer Reports, SmartShop, is also a good source of reviews on products such as electronic cloths dryers.

How do you wire in for two dryers?

You need two separate 240 VAC circuits from your electric panel that are each rated at 30 amps if they are electric dryers.

Which home appliance consume more electricity?

Electric Base Boards Electric Water Heaters Electric Clothes Dryers Electric Freezer Electric Stoves Electric Refrigerator Exc...

Do electric dryers produce carbon monoxide?

No, Carbon monoxide is the result of incomplete combustion. Electric dryers have heating elements and no actual combustion is taking place.

Which retailers carry clothes dryers?

Clothes dryers can be found at many retailers. They can be found on websites, such as Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart, and they can be found in physical stores, such as Walmart, Target, and Sears.

What were the three major household laundry product categories?

The three major household laundry product categories were electric washing machines, electric dryers, and gas dryers

How do clothes dryers work?

Dryers are basically revolving drums which tumble clothes through heated air. Different features and product quality result in a price range of $400 to $800

What is an electric motor used for?

an electric motor is used for lots of things, such as fans refrigerators, clothes dryers, ect. Electric motors are in all those things to help make it work and to also help us make work easier for all workers.

What is better Gas or Electric Dryers?

Electric dryers are less expensive to purchase initially but the cost of gas vs electricity in your area will determine what is best for you to own and operate over the life of the appliance.

How much electricity does an electric clothes dryer use on high and low settings say for an average size dryer?

As they are all different, why not just go to a shop which specialises in selling dryers and read the rating plates on the backs of the dryers? Or ask the shop staff for details?

Review Frigidaire's clothes dryers?

My mom has had a Frigidaire clothes dryer for about a decade and only had one minor problem.

Are Xlerator hand dryers availble to buy in stores?

No, unfortunately Xlerator hand dryers are not available to purchase in stores. You can contact the manufacturer directly to order one of their hand dryers.

Does General Electric offer front load washers and dryers?

General Electric offers a wide range of household appliances and electronics. They have many models of front load washers, as well as front load dryers.

Where can I purchase electric hand dryers online?

You can by electric hand dryers online through major distributors that focus on commercial products or directly from the retailer (like Dyson). There are generally not sold on consumer retail websites.