Is it True That Eyes Change Color When You're Mad?

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Your eyes can def. change color when you get mad, angry, or agitated, especally people with hazel eyes. The lighting that surrounds you when you feel this way is a major component of the changing. If the mood never changes, the eyes could, as well. People with hazel eyes have a mix of brown and green, (sometimes gray) that is deeplu influenced by mood. Blue eyes can turn paler when one is relaxed, and usually deep if you are mad. Lastly, it could depend if you are outide or not. The sun's rays reflect this, naturally.
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What color eyes do true Germans have?

The "True Germans" have blue eyes, and blonde hair. ? not True at all true Germans have Bronze skin and Bronze gold hair blue grey and green eyes are a Germanic trait. loo

Is eye color a true trait?

Yes--genes for brown eyes are dominant over genes for blue eyes. Brown eye genes include brown and hazel eyes and green, gray, and blue eyes are blue eye genes.

Is it true that green eyes change colors?

Yes, it is. for example i have green eyes but sometimes they look blue and other days they look brown..but im not sure if its scientificly proven
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Does the mad hatter eyes change color?

When The Mad Hatter aka Tarrant Hightopp is angry his eyes will turn a yellow orange. When the Hatter is feeling.....lets say sexual his eyes became deeper shade of green then