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Is it a bad thing if you find no particular interest in guys in high school because you are afraid of what guys think of you?



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Dont worry if u wanna not have a boy friend that's your decision its not a bad thing i kinda have that too :)

I used to be like that. But surprisly guys respect u more. They don't' look at u like the other girls ( easy, flirty, etc). And besides it's better. u might feel that u have to have a boyfriend, cuz everyone has one and all the boyfriend stories u might hear, but none of those last.

Its not a bad thing at all! i have many friends like that. the guys will learn to respect you. just because the other girls have boyfriends and are always looking for one, it doesnt mean you need one. if your afraid of what guys think of you, then just try getting to know some. get to be friends with guys and if you get close enough, all you have to do is ask. im sure you have nothing to worry about! everything will be fine. if you don't want a boyfriend then you don't need one, but if you are just affraid of what they think, then just so you know it really doesnt matter. even if they don't like you as more than a friend, then hey, at least you can have some great friends! it doesnt really matter what they think of you. all that matters is what you think of yourself.

msp- well guys liike girls who arent desperate so they will respect you more. p.s im a guy i should know