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Hey RussIt is probably that the throtle cable is miss adjusted or the modulator has oil in the line indicating a bad modulator. GoodluckJoe. GoodluckJoe

There isn't a modulator. Chrysler doesn't use them. Check trans electrical codes, maybe bad reading on output sensor or solenoid. Always check for codes first. Can save a lot of work and $. Dan the tranny man.

I had a very similar problem and it turned out to be the Output Shaft Speed Sensor.

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Why won't 1988 new yorker downshift?

It sounds like your having a transmission problem. There is a lot of things that could cause this in a transmission, including a bad siloniood or it could be a clogged filter.

What would make transmission not down shift in a 2000 3500 full size van?

A transmission in a 2000 3500 full size van may not downshift because the speed sensor on the transmission is bad. It may also not downshift because the filter and fluid need to be changed in the transmission.

How do you change the automatic transmission filter on a 1993 Honda Accord?

You don't. Most Honda transmission have a non-serviceable filter that is located inside the transmission. The transmission must be disassembled to get at the filter. It is designed to last the life of the transmission. By the time the filter is clogged, the transmission needs overhauling.

Does a 2005 corolla have transmission fluid filter?

Yes, I just had a clogged filter for my 05 corolla changed along with the filter.

Where is the transmission filter in a 2003 Dodge Dakota?

It is on the bottom of the transmission, inside the oil pan.

What causes a transmission to slip on 1999 ford explorer xls?

Low of A/T fluid, clogged filter, or worn bands.Low of A/T fluid, clogged filter, or worn bands.

Why does car jerk when you accelerate from a stop?

low transmission fluid clogged fluid filter

Where is the trans cooler return filter on a 2005 Dodge Dakota?

It is the spin on style filter inside the transmission pan.It is the spin on style filter inside the transmission pan.

How long should a fuel filter on a 1995 dodge Dakota last?

The life of the gas filter is expired when your car suffers from fuel problem-clogged gas filter wont let your start your engine!!!

Would a clogged transmission filter cause a car to not switch gears?

Yes. If problem persists after dropping the transmission pan, replacing the filter and fluid (approx 4 qts) then you need your transmission scanned at a reputable transmission shop that has a good scanner to read any codes your transmission has set.

What would cause your 98 ford contour transmission to slip?

1. Low transmission fluid. Check this first. 2. Old transmission fluid and clogged filter. 3. Worn clutches inside transmission.

Why wont a 1984 Chevy s-10 shift gears?

Most likely causes are low transmission fluid level, dirty transmission fluid, or clogged transmission fluid filter.

What is wrong if a car starts but will not accelerate or reverse and when you restart it it does it again?

Check the transmission fluid level. If it is ok, then the filter may be clogged. If not, then it will need to be taken to a transmission shop.

Why want an automatic transmission shift to third gear?

Your transmission's filter may be clogged, you may be low on transmission fluid, or the transmission may need repair or replacement. If the transmission was full of fluid, I would suggest a transmission flush, or replacing the transmission filter and fluid. If this doesn't help the transmission may actually be damaged and may need repair or replacement.

What is a restricted fuel filter?

A fuel filter that is clogged.

What is the transmission fluid capacity on a dodge Dakota with automatic transmission?

6 quarts filter service. Aprox 12 quarts dry fill. Answer #2 Filter service is about 3 1/2 - 4 qts.

3speed auto wont shift into drive unless motor is turning hi rpms or until tranny oil is hot?

Possibly a Clogged transmission filter. Change the fluid and filter.

Will a clogged fuel filter cause your car to start run for a second and die?

It sure will. When you suspect a clogged filter, replace it.

Why is the filter clogged easily?

Depend what filter you are referring to. A filter being clogged is the whole point of having one; it is to filter out impurities rather than let them damage the machine they are protecting.

Why does it hard shift form a stop?

If its an automatic transmission it may be time to have the fluid and filter change, when it gets old and dirt it can make the transmission behave bad. Also look at the engine air filter when they are dirty or clogged it can make the tranny behave oddly.

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