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Is it a code violation not to use stainless screws in pool construction?

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AnswerThere is no code requiring stainless steel screws in pool construction. All pools are warranteed for workmanship problems, not rust.

Answer Unbelievable - whether or not stainless steel screws are necessitated by law anyone that would use them, in my opinion, is negligent. You don't necessarily need an actual law to sue someone in civil court. I'm from Canada -where we don't sue very often - but that is substandard in a very obvious way. A pool construction company would have known that - they just cut corners - I'd be talking to a lawyer in a second. The one thing I learned when we built our own indoor pool is that there are SEVERAL ways to cut corners and money that the average homeowner would never know until 5-10 years later. I'm glad we did it ourselves - there is not enough knowledge kicking around about the proper construction of pools - if we had wanted to cut corners and just put a pool in fast - we would have saved thousands more than we did - and the next owner would have been paying for our negligence for along time.

If you do decide to take it to civil court - I'd bring along pool manuals, Internet clipping re how to construct a pool and prove that it is 100% STANDARD to use ONLY stainless steel in or around a pool. If you decide to have it repaired - I'd see if the company would be willing to say in court that the other people were completely negligent. I hate to say it - but I'd watch my pool and the surrounding area very closely for other abnormalities - if they cut corners on that I guarantee they cut corners on other things. Sorry to hear this... Wish you the best in putting them out of business. The Windsor-Browns

Answer"Stainless steel use for pools"

Yes of course there is a code for inground swimming pools.

ANSI/NSPI-5 2003 2.1 materials of components and accessories addresses your question.

It's important to build with a swimming pool professional who is licensed, insured, and knows the standards.

You may or may not have stainless steel screws, you should know stainless will rust with very aggressive pool water, along with ladders, stairs, and everything else in the pool.

Your pool pro can guide with pool ownership long after the sale also, like the man says you can pay now or your gonna pay more later.

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