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Yes. No one has any rights to control over a child but the parents. Unless they were stripped of those rights by the government, or a legal guardian was chosen by the parents.

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Children are usually disowned by their parents after the child does something against the parents wishes. Whether the child was adopted has no affect on if the parents disown them or not.

Yes, legally you are an adult and they can't stop you from moving out.

I'm not sure what act you are referring to but I know that under the Hippocratic Oath of their profession they may not tell a patient's wishes. If that is what you were looking for, there it is!

Yes, but only if the legal parents sign all rights.

YES it aplies to all people not just adults your parents cannot legally force you to practice a religion

it's when two people fall for each other then deeply love each other and its against to their parents wishes

In the US, no, not unless the court gives you custody/guardianship and the only way they will do that against the parents wishes is if the parents are proven to be unfit.

The vet might be keeping the cat against your wishes but it is probably in the best interest for the cat.

No they cant because if its against their legal guardians wishes and also the students its an invasion of privacy.

That is Germanophobia. Best wishes

In the US, no, not unless that adult sibling has been granted custody/guardianship by a court, and the only way that will happen against the parents wishes is if the parents are proven to be unfit.

There are no laws regarding dating. However, the children are the responsibilities of the parents until they are the age of 18 in most states. Doing things against their wishes is never a good idea!

Henry VIII acted against the Pope's wishes but I don't know if he hesitated in doing such.

James mcbrain discovered specks of gold but the person who made it world wide against the wishes of his friends was edward hargreaves

In most states an 18 year old is no longer a minor and can live where they wish.

Of course they can make you come back. Getting a girl pregnant does not give you the right to leave home against your parents wishes.

Doesn't matter if his legal birthday is tomorrow, his parents can call the law and have him removed from your home, possibly pressing charges against you. Plus, until he is of legal age (by law - not by mentality), the parents could charge the girl in statuatory(?) rape, or carnal knowledge of a minor.

They can inform the authorities. They will return the child to the home. If the child won't stay at home they can be put in a foster home or institution.

Legally, no. The parents of the minor would have legal recourse to prevent the young lady from leaving against their wishes.

It's a Freudian concept. Sigmond Freud taught about unconscious sexual conflicts and the mind's defenses against its own wishes and impulses.

Hostile takeover is that kind of corporate overtaking which is against the wishes of the owners of business or usually against the will of management of target company.

Every person who wishes to vote must first ensure he or she has enrolled or registered as a voter.

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