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Check your wiring and see if there is a bare spot in it to cause a fuse to blow. Check ALL of the fuses as it depends on what circuit you got your voltage from.

If the lights you added require more power than the circuit you tapped into can supply, the extra load blows the fuse.

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Why won't my 2002 Ford Focus will not start new battery has been installed?

hard to say is the starter turning could also be a fuel problem or electric/ecu problem

When a switch is on is a circuit open or closed?

Turning a switch on closes a circuit.

What device is used for turning a circuit on or off?

Circuit breaker or switch

Why does a circuit need a switch?

If a circuit has no switch then it remains 'on' permanently. If you desire to open or close a circuit, for turning on or turning off a light for example, you need some kind of switch.

Why do you use switches in circuits?

A switch in a circuit will quickly allow you to break the circuit, without changing the wiring. For example, a light switch. By turning a light switch off, you are breaking the circuit and, thus, turning the light off.

Why do things stop working when you switch them off?

Electricity only works when it can flow all the way around a loop called a circuit. Turning off a switch breaks the circuit, stopping the flow and turning electrical things off. Turning a switch on joins the circuit and makes them work again.

Problem with turning the ignition in your jeep when starting the car how do you fix it?

Physically has a turning problem ? Try your spare key and still has the problem? Replace the ignition switch.

If turning off a light caused your hair dryer to shut off what type of circuit is being used?

A series circuit. Turning off the light interrupted the only path for electricity to the hair dryer.

Why do you have to remove the paper strip before turning a torch on?

It breaks the circuit and when it's removed the circuit is complete so electricity can flow.

I have a problem with starting warfront turning point the game. It is installed but when I try to play it. It says insert original disk. Any help would be great.?

Cant as the game is Fu**ed!

What is meant by the term open circuit?

An open circuit is a circuit that has a gap in it somewhere and is therefore incomplete. Many things can cause an open circuit. A light switch is a means of opening and closing a circuit; the circuit is closed when the contacts of the switch touch, allowing electricity to flow and turning on the lights. Flipping three switch separates the contacts, stopping the electrical flow and turning off the lights. Other causes of an open circuit include broken conductors, loose connections, burned out fuses, and tripped circuit breakers.

What causes the dashboard light to dim after turning on the headlights?

Because the power for your headlights is pulled from your battery. When the dashboard lights dim after turning on the headlights the dashboard lights aren't getting as much power as they were with the headlights off. With the motor running or off? The headlights draw a lot of current, but should not visibly affect other systems. There could be a problem with a worn out battery, an alternator that isn't charging correctly, or you have a bad earth between the battery and the chassis. Check the large cable connection between the battery (usually negative these days) and the bodywork, or between the engine block and the bodywork.

Will turning on and off a circuit breaker damage or wear out the circuit breaker?

Yes, they are not switches and not made to cycle daily. A few times does not hurt them.

What is the advantage of having a parallel circuit as oppose to a series circuit?

depends on the load. if it is lights one can burn out without turning off the others

What is the turning point in the book Heaven by Angela Johnson?

If it's not raining, it's simple. Only a light will come on, on your dashboard. :)

When driving when is centrifugal force a problem?

Centrifugal force is a problem when turning at fast speeds.

Has anyone ever had a problem with the fuel pump turning on in a 94 Cherokee w 4.0 New ignition switch and pump installed Relays click but they check out as working Any theorys on this?

its probably hunted its probably hunted

Your 2002 Toyota Camry does not start or makes any noise when turning the key?

Do you have lights? If not, you r battery is probably discharged. I guess there could be a problem with the starter circuit. I believe this has a fuse in the underhood fuse block.

Why does your dashboard brake light come on in your 2000 Chrysler Town and Country when you make a left turn is the problem brakes or wiring?

I have noticed that if the brake fluid is low enough in the brake fluid master cylinder it will cause the light to come on when turning left. before it comes on for a low fluid problem because of the fluid shifting.

What can you use a parallel circuit for?

Christmas tree lights, this parallel circuit prevents one bulb failure from turning off the whole string of lights.

Can series circuits work when a switch is open?

No. Since the switch is in series with the circuit, opening it blocks the current flow through the circuit, turning it off.

What is an advantage of a parallel electric circuit compared to a series electric circuit?

A parallel circuit can function with many breaks in the circuit like light switches for example. Some lights can be on and some can be off, on the same circuit. In a series circuit all lights would be on and if any switches were added in the circuit it would break the circuit turning all the lights off.

How is memory installed on the Apple Mac Mini?

Memory is installed on the Apple Mac Mini by turning it upside down and removing the cover. The memory module can then be easily removed and replaced.

What is the red bulb - light in the dashboard after turning off the engine I have a renault clio 1999 model and this light is always flashing on and off after turning off the vehicle what is it?

It's the immobiliser it's on all clio's

What type of circuit fault is a blown fuse?

Circuit Condition Created by a "Blown" FuseA blown fuse creates an "open" circuit condition. It's the same as opening a switch [turning a switch to the off position].