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Is it a good idea to get married if you both truly love and want to be with each other but have different religions?


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Probably depends on how serious you are about your religion. If you both don't really care, then it isn't an issue... but if you both believe really strongly in your own, and will both want to raise your children in your own, etc., there could be problems. You guys need to talk it out and decide how the children will be raised and if there are problems to overcome based on your individual beliefs. I couldn't, personally, marry anyone outside my religion. But that's why I only date people within my religion. ... It is the most important thing in my life. For many though, it isn't that big of a deal, and those compromises are made easily. It just depends on you and the person that you want to marry. If you guys can work it out, then go for it. :) If not, then decide whether you can live with the consequences, and make your decision accordingly. If you have known each other long enough to know for sure that you are compatible, and that you each respect the other's religion, then there's no reason it should not work. Many couples of different religious beliefs have had long, successful, happy marriages. Just be sure to discuss, and agree on, how you plan to bring up any children you may have. You could expose the child to both religions, then when the child is old enough, let him/her make up their own mind as to which religion they feel is the one for them, and not put any pressure on the child as to which religion he/she prefers. The most important thing is to always respect the other's religion, and to never criticize their religious beliefs. As long as you want God in your life, and as long as you are good TO each other, and good FOR each other (and there is a difference, but both are important), then you will be able to work out any other problems you may have. You will also have to make sure your families respect your partner's religious beliefs also, and not let them pressure or criticize your partner, nor should you let them pressure your child(ren) into choosing a particular religion, as well.