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No Guppies are not moss eaters.

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Can you play softball if pregnant?

no you can not well you can if you want but its not a real good idea! becouse if the ball hits your baby theres a chance the baby will die!

What fish get along with guppys in a10 gallon tank?

Almost any community fish will do fine with guppies. Bettas are not a good idea with guppies because they will fight each other.

Are the little sharks okay to put in with guppies?

My rainbow shark ate mine :( It's probably not a good idea.

Will Angelfishes eat Baby Guppies?

Yes if they are big enough to fit in their mouths. If you have fry in with an angelfish or other semi-aggressive fish, it might be a good idea to put in a tank divider or separate the fry in a grow-out tank.

What can the lunch joke be for my bubble guppies idea the goat band?

The lunch joke would be the goat band for bubble guppies.

Is it a good idea to keep baby frogs you find?

no its really not a good idea cause they die really easy!

Is finding a baby name from books and gift cards a good idea?

Yes I think finding a baby name from books is quite a good idea. Baby books have hundreds of excellent suggestions that will help you to pick a good name for your child.

Can guppies go in the same tank with an angelfish?

This is not a good idea. When the angels are fully grown they will consider the guppies nice snacks. If you plan to move the angelfish to a tank with larger fish when they are fully grown, they do make suitable tankmates when small.

Do you need to turn off the aquarium lights for guppies to mate?

not necessarily but it is a good idea to turn off the light at night to prevent algae growth.

Is it a good a good idea to put a male rat with a female rat?

to have a baby rat

Can you leave the hospital without naming your baby?

It's NOT a good idea.

Are Huggies baby wipes flushable?

No, it is not a good idea to flush Huggies Baby Wipes. sorry if this has disappointed anyone.

Can anybody recommend whether shopping online for baby products is a good Idea. If so which websites should you visit.?

I think it is a good idea to shop for products online. Usually after having a baby there are a lot of products that the mother and the baby require but its not always possible to take the baby along to shop. The baby cannot even be kept at home as it cannot stay without his mother.I seriously think it is a good idea to shop for baby products online considering the convenience that they provide.

Can guppies live in an unheated tank with a black moor?

No. its usually not a good idea to put different types of fish in the same tank... one type may be eaten.

What are some different ideas for baby shower centerpieces?

A centerpiece with a picture of a Baby boy on it or a Baby girl is a really good idea for a baby shower centerpieces. Also a picture of a diaper and a binkie might be good.

At what age of a girl man can have intercorse with her?

around the age of 18 or 21 would be a good idea .getting pregnant when your very young is not a good idea take for any one to have a baby at the age of 10 or so to have a baby

Is it a good idea to give your baby up for adoption if you're still a teenager?

i think its a good idea only if you know that you can not support that child. you need to think about the baby and make sure that the child has a good and happy life if you truly love the child and care for him or her.

Are baby walkers a good idea?

The baby walker is good idea. The walker should not be used to prematurely as such can adversely affect the baby’s posture. The walker should be used only after the baby has started to attempt walking. The walker will prevent injuries from fall. The walker should be removed when baby starts walking with reasonable stability.

What do male guppies eat?

Good Pet shops carry livebearer food that is specifically designed for all livebearers including guppies. They will also be OK on most other "Tropical fish flakes". An addition of live food like white worms, brine shrimp, daphnia etc a couple of times a week is a good idea too.

Can you give a baby booze?

-Absolutely not!!! -Possibly, but it's probably not a good idea to do so..

What is a good baby shower idea that is memorable and special?

A good baby shower idea that is memorable and special is to find out whether the baby is a boy or girl. Then find out if the parents have particular themes for their child and have everyone dress up in that theme. Also take lots of pictures or video to give to the expecting parents.

Are ball exercises good for a cardio workout?

Yes, cardio balls can be a good cardio workout. With the assistance of the ball, a person can work on their abs, core,legs, etc, So using a fitness ball to assist you with working out is a good idea. It will help you with your flexibility, agility,etc.

What is a good gift idea for siblings when the new baby arrives?

maybe a gift basket with teddy bears and rattles and some baby food.

Why would a waterproof mattress pad be a good idea for a baby?

A baby who is toilet training may have a difficult time remembering to wakeup before going to the bathroom so a waterproof mattress pad may be a good idea to make clean up easier.

Can you move out your mom house if you are 17 and have a baby and move in with your boyfriend and his mom in Florida?

if you live in florida, near them, prbably not a good idea. if you dont live in florida, REALLY not a good idea.