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Replace them in pairs. If you replace one front, replace both. One rear, both.

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โˆ™ 2007-11-18 19:48:03
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Q: Is it a good idea to replace all the coil springs if one is bad or just the one that is bad?
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When replacing the coil pack should you replace the plugs and wires?

You don't have to but it is recommended and a good idea to.

How do you cut coil springs on a camaro?

bad idea- just buy lowering springs. it's alot safer for everyone!

Would a bad coil make it so your 1998 dodge Dakota wont start?

The coil provides the extra power needed for a good spark, without it, a weak spark may or may not ignite the fuel/air mixture. It's a good idea to replace the coil every 50,000 miles, or every time you replace the distributor cap and rotor.

How do you raise front end of a 1973 duster to make it sit level?

Replace all rubber bushings, install new shocks, replace all worn hardware (bolts, washers, etc and probably a good idea on a 30+ year old car anyway) most noticable difference will come from installing a new set of coil springs. Be careful when ordering springs, most "performance" springs will actually make the car sit lower than the factory height, thereby completly defeating the end result you desire, there should be a few places where you can still get the original factory springs or exact reproductions. Good luck!

In your opinion is it a good idea to convert the air suspension to coil springs all 4 corners if so any recommendation on which kit to use?

I like the air suspension myself but you can change the fronts and rears with springs and struts for around $400.00. There are a couple of people selling the replacements on E-Bay. They are fairly easy to change, can easily be done in an afternoon.

No fire on one terminal coil pack 1989 2.8 liter celebrity?

If one of the three coils is no longer firing then replace it. It might be a good idea to go ahead and replace all three, if one has gone then the other two might be right behind it and also fail.

When do you replace the cap and rotor Chevy?

It is a good idea to replace them at the same time as your regular tune-up.

Can you sale mattress springs that have been striped down?

Selling mattress springs that have been stripped down is a possibility. However, this is not a good idea because it could hurt someone. It is not illegal, though.

Do you have to replace the fuel filter if you get water in the gas tank?

It is a good idea.

Do you have to replace the receiver dryer on a 2000 Honda Accord if you open the system to replace the valve cores?

Good idea to.

Can you drive a caravan with broken leaf springs?

I believe this is a trick question. I'm not familiar with a single model of Caravan, Town & Country, or Voyager that had leaf springs. They were all designed with coil spring and strut suspensions. If a Caravan had leaf springs it would be a bad idea to drive it with one broken, unless you want to scrape your undercarriage off on the road.

Can an AC coil be replaced independent of replacing the AC compressor?

Absolutely. You only need to replace the compressor if it needs replacement. Just get the system evacuated (you can have this done not only at a shop, but your local trade school or community college can do it for you, as well, and probably much cheaper), and you can replace the evaporator coil. Would be a good idea to replace the accumulator or receiver-drier (which one you have depends on whether you have a fixed orifice tube or thermal expansion valve system), as well, as they contain a desiccant which becomes saturated rather quickly once exposed to atmospheric air.

Do you have to replace gaskets when you take the exhaust manifold off?

Good idea to do so

What is proper battery maintenance?

Is it good idea to replace acid and water in batteries

You have a Mazda tribute 2002 The rear driver brake light doesn't work but same bulb works when light's are on Any idea what the problem is?

Most bulbs have dual functions. Take the bulb out and look at it. It should have two springs inside. and if one of the springs are broken replace the bulb.

Do you need to replace the head bolts when you replace the heads on your 4.0 L V6?

If the engine is high mileage yes, replace the head bolts. If it is low mileage it is your choice, but is always a good idea to replace them.

What are some good mortgage rates for the Colorado Springs area?

Some of the good mortgage rates for colorado springs area range from 3.5-5%. This depends on the current market and because housing market has been erratic, so has been mortgage rates. Therefore check business newspapers for rates, and you whould get an idea what rate to look for in Colorado springs (or any area).

Is it common practice to replace the rear main seal when replaceing transmission?

Maybe not but it is a good idea.

Can a 650mAh battery replace a 1000mAh?

Not a good idea. It will work but not as long as the 1000 mAh battery.

When is a good time to replace a cars suspension?

It is a good idea to replace a carÕs suspension if it is rough to drive or ride in. Other reasons include uneven wear on tires and if the car drifts while driving.

Do I need new coil springs when replacing rear struts for a 1998 Malibu?

If the back of the vehicle is sagging, yes. If not... don't mess with the springs. Many shops will try to sell you what you don't need, and that's because many mechanics don't have any idea what things do. Springs support the vehicle, shocks dampen out harmonic action of the wheels when they hit a bump. Anyone who tries to make more out of shock absorbers simply doesn't understand the physics involved.

Should you replace the slave cylinder when you replace the clutch in a 1994 ford ranger?

Not if it is working alright. however if you suspect its the worst for wear it would be a good idea,

Do you think it would be a good idea to tune up an automatic car with a body kit coil overs engine work and ect.?

Whatever works for you is what counts.

Why do you have an occasional lack of spark in a 1997 Chrysler Sebring?

my original response to your question is below.. but it may be a spark plug, which would cost a lot less than the coil/cap combo. but its a good idea to replace coil/cap/wires every 100k miles. Your Coil/Distributor Cap is going bad, replace it now before it dies and your car wont start. generally if you're at 100k miles they should be replaced, but mine lasted till 130k (it would misfire on acceleration and then it just stopped running). The Cap/Coil is located under the intake valve on the intake manifold, it is rather hard to get to without removing the intake manifold or the brake fluid resivoir. This is also a 250-300 dollar part(i know... owwie), but if it runs good otherwise its a good investment. if your car doesnt have 100k miles on it this probably isn't your problem unless you've somehow shorted your ignition system out.

How often should I replace my shutters?

If they are well maintained they can be kept a long time. If you start to notice any swelling, cracking, or other bad wear; then it is a good idea to replace them.