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Refinishing is the kiss of death for a collector, but to a shooter, it may enhance the value somewhat. Since the model 69A lists at $125 in Poor condition and only $250 in Excellent (according to my not-too-far-out-of-date Standard Catalog), you can't do too much economic damage. I too, have a 69A that i received Christmas 1963. As a collectable, it has very little value. This rifle was not even serial numbered! I am going to have mine restored just because it was soething my late father gave me. So restore away! Jst find a good competent person to do the restoration.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-08 23:30:41
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Q: Is it a good idea to restore a Winchester 69A?
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Winchester 69a rifle?

Good rifle

Where to find serial number Winchester model 69a?

The Winchester model 69A is a pre-serial number firearm and as such does not have one.

Where can you get a bolt for a 22 caliber Winchester 69A?

I just started looking to buy a Winchester 69a .22 for Christmas. I typed in Winchester 69a and Winchester 22 rifle into Google & had all sorts of hits for Winchester guns & PARTS. Type it in and look. I am sure you will be able to find it. Happy hunting!

What year was the winchester 69A made?

Winchester did not serialize the model 69,69A.I can say that the model 69A was made during the years 1935-1963,with a total production of 355,000.

Where can you buy a bolt for a 69A Winchester 22LR rifle?

Try Numrich Gunparts. I have one of their catalogs and it has all sorts of parts for the Winchester Model 69A.AnswerTry eBay i have bought several, remember models 69a and 75 are the samr bolt

What year is my Winchester Model 69A 22 long rifle?

In order to answer your question correctly i would need for you to post your serial number in this question.That is the only way to date your Winchester model 69A.

Where can you find information about a Winchester 69A pump action 22?

Winchester never made such a weapon as you ask about.

What is the range of a Winchester 69a?

Up to just shy of 2 miles.

Is there a 10 shot magazine for Winchester 69A?

Do a search for Winchester Model 69A ammo clip 10 round and you'll find multiple availability...mostly in the $30 and up range...readily available...

When did Winchester start grooving Model 69A receivers?

Model 69A of Winchester was first introduced in November 1937. All 69 models were manufactured without serial numbers and production was stopped with to replacement model.

Why the Englsh proof marks on Winchester model 69a rifle?

English law.

What was the range of settings for the Winchester model 69A Trigger Pull in OZ?


What is the ball park figure for a Winchester model 69a?

10-500 usd

Manufacturing dates for win model 69a?

Sometime between 1937 - 1963. Winchester did not serialize the Model 69/69A, therefore it is not possible to determine a precise year of manufacture.

How do you remove the bolt on the Winchester 69a?

Open the bolt, hold the trigger back, pull the bolt out

When did Winchester stop making the model 69a 22 rifle?

No serial numbers were assigned to the model 69 and 69A. The 69 was introduced in 1935 and the 69A in 1937, so the 69 may well have been made in one of the first 3 years. Don Schimpff Redding, CA the 69a production was ceased in 1963

How do you disengage the safety on Winchester 69A?

well, I'm not much of a gun person, but I'm sitting here with my Winchester 69A. Just playing with it a little, you can only engage the safety when the gun is cocked. The safety is in the "fire" position when it is in the forward position and it is in the safe position when pulled back.

When was a Winchester 69A made?

There is no serial number but the dates of manufacture were 1937-1963 for the 69A. Mine has short, long, and long rifle spelled out, ans some that I've seen(later years?) have this abreviated.

Winchester model 69A clip?

The model 69 uses a magazine. Try gun shops, gun shows and on line auctions

Where can you find a whole bolt assembly for a Winchester mod 69a?

Try gun shops, gun shows, want ads,

What is the value of an all original Winchester Model 69A S-L-LR?

5-500 USD depending on specifics

Is a bolt available for a Winchester model 57 rifle?

Try I have an extra Winchester model 69a/75 and i guess it fits the 57 bolt just contact me if your interested in purchasing or trading

Where can you get a cartridge clip for a model 69A-22 Winchester Rifle?

You may find a Magazine for your model 69A at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.They can be found on the web. Jack First is also a source and Triple K in San Diego specializes in magazines.

Is there a way to laterally adjust the entire arm of my rear sight Model 80A of my Winchester 69A so it is not set all the way to the left for me to get good groups?

the peep unscrews from the backer nut and slides right or left.

Did Winchester ever make a 22 rifle model 69A with a 20 inch barrel?

Yes, they called it their "Youth Model" a.k.a. Boy's Rifle.