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I never have and i have had iris for over 30 years now they keep coming back every year.

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Just deadhead the flowers and you will be fine.

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Can guinea pigs eat poplar leaves?

ummm... I don't think it is a good idea to give them any old leaves... it might be a good idea to stick with lettuce leaves.

What is a good band name idea for a contemporary Christian band?


Why is it a good idea for a band to do a cover?

It's a good idea for a band to do a cover because if the song is very popular with people it gain the band tends to gain more followers/fans.

How did Kendall Schmidt get the band together?

saying that it was a good idea. i love BTR

Is planting an Aspen Tree by a pool a good idea?

It is not a good idea to plant any deciuous tree near a pool as the leaves foul the water when they drop.

How did the X-Ray change history?

no blooming idea thats what im asking

Is taking band a good idea for the future?

Band is a really good experience. i would say it is a great opportunity to be involved and meet new people. i am in band and it has been great so far. i suggest you take it

Stephanie Rice training methods?

i have absoulutley no idea in the world what she does for ttraining so someone answer the blooming question

Why is it not a good idea for a large band to march in unison across a bridge?

The large band could disrupt gravity which can make it very hard for them to cross.

What is a good idea for a marching band t-shirt?

it really depends on the title of the band's marching show

Is it a good idea to hot glue rock band drum pads?

No, it is not a good idea the glue could detroy the drums and you wouldn't be able to play them. If they are broken just buy a new or used pair of drums.

What is the best way to get a man back that leaves him thinking it was his idea?

manipulation is NEVER a good idea. if you want him back, be honest and tell him. If he doesn't, then its time to pack up and move on.

What to do when your mom slaps you?

Well Depends if it is a regular occurence, and where you live. If it is regularly happening, and you are in the UK, it is illegal if it leaves marks, and if you are worried, telling a teacher is a good idea USA - No idea

What follows buds new idea?

the band follows the new idea

What do you do with tulips once they have flowered?

Once the petals of a tulip are no longer attractive, it's a good idea to break the stem off, so that the plant's efforts can concentrate on replenishing the bulb. Over time, the leaves will begin to yellow, at which time they can be cut back. If you cut back the leaves too soon, you remove the bulb's source of energy and nutrients, so the bulb's development for the next blooming season can be compromised. You can leave tulip bulbs in the ground over the winter, which cools them.

Is there a silly band that glows sparkels and smells?

No There Isnt, But that's a really good idea... You should talk to silly bandz inc

Do band-aids make infections worse?

it can but its not a good idea to wear a band aid the whole time you have a "boo boo" you have to let air get to it so it can form a scab and be able to heal:)

Was Kendall Schmidt on you are in the band?

I have no idea!:( Maybe.

Why is it a bad idea for two people in a band to be dating?

What happens to the band if they break up...

Where can one find a band name generator?

Name generators can be a great way for people having trouble naming something to get a good idea for a name. Some sites offering band name generators include Band Name Maker and Namepistol.

Who is the actress in the Hyundai Christmas car commercial. She is too cute.?

The band "Pomplamoose". I had no idea they were even a band. Nataly Dawn reminds me of Jessica Louise Parker, both good looking ladies.

Do leaves matter when you are planting a plant?

It is a good idea to plant it in such a way that the leaves are above ground, so that they are exposed to sunlight and can perform their function. However, plants are very flexible organisms, and if you do happen to bury some leaves, the plant will probably suffer no real harm.

Did Sonic use to have a band?

Yeah but that idea was scrapped, but later on he got a band in Sonic Underground.

What is the opposite of good idea?

The opposite of a good idea would be a bad idea. Depending on how bad you could also say terrible idea.

Why do giant squids have one eye?

I am not sure if this is a good idea to be a good idea to do with the idea of the idea thattheidea of the idea 💡

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