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Well this is a first for me. Uh if you want to get pregnant you don't take Birth Control.

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Q: Is it a good idea to start using birth control when you have been off of it for a month and a half and you and your husband are going to try to have a baby in 3-4 months?
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Are late periods on birth control normal?

If you just started taking birth control your periods are going to be irregular for the first few months. But it is possible to still get pregnant on the pill.

You had a miscarriage in February and you have been off and on with your birth control pills and it has been about 2 months being off of birth control pills and you were wondering how long it is going?

How long it is going for what? Missing birth controls like you have will put you at risk of pregnancy. If your trying to conceive then stop taking birth control because this will harm the Foetus when you do conceive.

Is there a risk in going on and off birth control?

The primary risk of going on and off birth control is the risk of pregnancy.

Is it easy to get pregnant after going off birth control?

Yes. Usually easier, assuming there are no problems with the reproductive system. Generally it is advised to wait at least 6 months before trying to get pregnant after stopping the birth control pill.

How early can you ovulate after going off birth control?

Some people ovulate almost straight away, but others don't ovulate until about 6 months later. It depends on your general health and how long you have been on birth control for

Can going off birth control make you break out after maybe say 3 months?

You should expect anything. That wouldn't seem to be out of the question. There is a lot going on with hormones when you're taking it.

After going off birth control for 2 months is is possible to go without your period having it the first month and not the second?

i dont think so!

Can the birth control pill Yaz cause odd periods?

It takes the body about three months to regulate itself to the hormones of birth control pills. So if you are within the first three months, you are most likely going to experience wonky bleeding and spotting. However, after the three months are over, your withdrawal bleeds (because you do not have periods while on hormonal birth control- you have chemically induced withdrawal bleeds) should even out to the 4 day placebo pills in Yaz.

You have been on birth control for 5 months is it safe to purposely skip a period and instead of taking the green pills just going straight to a new pack?

Hello. You can skip a period while on birth control pills but constantly skipping periods via birth control pills, isn't recommended. Skipping a period this once will be fine.

What symptoms will you have going off birth control?


Does birth control really help?

yes very much so, unless you want to become a parent, then birth control is going to get in the way...

Can you gain Weight from going off birth control?


Does your period take a while to come back after going off birth control pill?

Yes it can take upto 3 months to come back but you can still conceive anytime.

I'm 23 and my breasts size are 32 how can I make my breasts bigger?

If you're not on it already, try going on birth control. It happens to many women when they first start on birth control that your breasts may go up a full size. If you are already on birth control, try going on another one. The difference between the two sometimes has the same reaction from your body as first going on birth control does. But if you are changing birth controls, or are going on it the first time, make consider your options and make sure with your doctor which one is the best for you.

I started birth control because i hadn't had my period over two months but i didnt wait to get my period When will birth control start protecting me?

Did you take a pregnancy test? If in the unlikely scenario that you AREN'T pregnant, it will take a few months for the pills to re-schedule your hormones. That is why you are supposed to begin taking it immediately after a period. Because it works on your body's schedule. It may be somewhat effective after a few weeks, but not fully for a few months. Birth does not work as an abortion method, so if that's what you were going for, you are still pregnant.

When you take birth control pills is it okay if you bleed?

Some women do spot or bleed while taking birth control pills, particularly the pills that prevent a period for 3 months. However, if the bleeding is heavy or painful, you should talk to your doctor about it because there could be something else going on.

Is it okay for your body to stop birth control for a couple months then start a different type of pill?

Sure, but if you're going to be sexually active during the two months, it'd make more sense to start the new pill immediately.

Are you pregnant if your period doesn't come while taking birthcontrol?

If you are referring to hormonal birth control, not necessarily as the hormonal birth control suppresses your menstrual cycle so that you do not menstruate - the bleeding women experience on hormonal birth control such as the combination pill is a withdrawal bleed caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when going from active to inactive pills. If the birth control isn't strong enough it may not trigger a withdrawal bleed, or irregular bleeding is normal throughout the first three months of any new form of hormonal birth control. If concerned about pregnancy take a test.

How long do you bleed when on birth control pill?

It all depends on how long you bled before you got on birth control. Some birth control pills stop bleeding completely. If you want to know specifics your going to have to talk to your doctor.

When your on birth control What is the longest without your period?

If you're using hormonal birth control you don't menstruate at all - hormonal birth control works by preventing ovulation; no ovulation = no menstruation - the bleeding women get on hormonal birth control such as the pill is withdrawal bleeding caused by the drop in hormones when going from your active to inactive pills. You should get a withdrawal bleed every 21 days, during the first three months on the pill it's normal for bleeding patterns to be irregular so you may not get a withdrawal bleed - if this continues over three months you should talk to your doctor as you may need a different dosage.

How fertile is someone after being on birth control and stopping use?

Generally about as fertile as she was before going on birth control. See related question for details by method.

Is Megan Fox going to jail?

She just gave birth to a son recently, and her and her husband are happy.

Do I have to put my husband's name on my unborn baby's birth certificate if we are going through a divorce?


Does the drug Lamictal affect birth control?

No Lamictal does not affect birth control. I take Lamictal for epilepsy and have been on birth control for 6 years. However, I was on the depo shot and was told this wasn't going to be a problem, pill form, could be different.

Can birth control cause that vertical line on your stomach similar to when you are pregnant?

I don't have a lot of info 4 u but there is a young lady at my church who looks 7 months pregnant but it's due to some birth control that she is on that I think starts with a "L". She is going for testing this week. Email me for more info

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