Is it a good job or a well job?


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Good job ...or you can say job well done...


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It can be a good job and it pays well. But it also depends on if you have the experience and if you can do a good job helping people. Good luck!

It is a very stressful job, but pays well. And it is good in the sense that you help people by doing this job.

If you are well educated...then yes you will get job...Good Luck :)

well i think so ,, well if you want a job u need to get good grades to get get into a job

well it was very good my related experience job.

well you get lots of money but it's as fun job

Good or good job; well done

Well, it depends on what you act in. If you are a Hollywood actress, and you get paid a lot, it can be a good job.

It is important to do well in school so you can get into a good college. Then you will be able to get a good job.

need to think about the meaning of your question before you ask it good job (as in well done) is yoku yatta good job (as in i have a good job) is ii shigoto almost but it is really Yoi shigoto

Well you start by your name and then you email address and you record in primary school to the job application well you see if your are good at it and the go for the job but if your not good at it go to your teacher and say "I do not want to do the job.

good question, well so you can learn for the future and get a job

Good job ! : 'amalun jaiyid عمل جيّدWell done ! : ahsanta sun'an أحسنت صنعا

Law is a very well - payed profession, and is a very good job in most aspects - if you don't mind working longer hours. Dentists are also well - payed.

well, first off I recommend you get a masters degree in college then apply to a well paying job, such as therapy, you know, therapists can make up to $100 an hour if your good.

The expression good job can be used to complement someone on a job well done, you made a good job of that. It can also be used to describe the work you do, I enjoy my work, I have a good job.You can also use it to encourage someone to work better, If you make a good job of it there will be a bonus in your pay packet.

In terms of employment, a job that is satisfying and well paying for someone. In another sense, something that has been well done.

well it depends what your good at alot of jobs out there

study well and get a good job

Of course! Especially if you do it well... :)

Self-management skills are good indicators of how well the job applicant will "fit" into the organization.

=Well yeah the choice is yours but==pick a job that you are interested in!==its so much better 2 like the job!=

I'm an actual pediatrician. Well, the job market is pretty good. This is because of my job and its pay.

get a good job and do well in uni or college and the go on your PC and look for a job

well get a job or go to collage to get a good job and BAM you're rich.

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