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== == == == == == == == Everyone is sexually stimulated by hot girls, you don't suddenly only become attracted to ONE girl when you go out with them. Maybe you aren't providing the sexual interest he needs or maybe he just wants to look at a variety of people rather than

You can't tell me as a girl that you are no longer attracted to any other man on the planet now you have this guy, of course you are going to talk to them, but you would have no intention of cheating.

Why do you think he's cheating? if its these pictures alone then you hardly have a foot to stand on. If you ever think a guy is a cheating and you don't have evidence, but you let them know you think they are cheating, they are far far more likely to cheat on you because being accused of cheating because of a few pictures would definitely make me want to dump my girl.

If your boyfriend wants chat friends why aren't they male? That's a good question to ask him! Yes, it's a form of cheating. He's on the prowl and if you were smart you'd tell him to hit the "reality bell" and stop hanging out on the computer and collecting all those pictures. Pictures can be altered like crazy, so some of those women may not be what they appear. I've seen it happen often. I wouldn't put up with it. Tell him he hits that delete button or you're through with him! You get the respect you deserve. You did nothing wrong, and what he's doing is wrong. Feel free to kick his lazy butt off that computer chair and out the door. No at least not to me it isn't and don't worry I'm not saying that cause I'm a guy because I'm a girl! It is one thing to be attracted to the opposite sex while going with someone and both men and women admire other attractive people, but it's 'admire and no touch, no contact' and posters who suggest that collecting girls pictures off the internet is not cheating are not facing reality. Again I will state there should be some guys mixed up in there and yes, although there is no sexual contact it is still classified as a type of cheating. Nowhere in this person's question did they state 'porn pictures' but 'chat friends.' If you are happy with your partner then why bother collecting women on the computer? There is absolutely nothing wrong belonging to a chat and talking to both sexes or even sending pictures occasionally if one wishes, but as the person said 'it's all girls and nothing else.' I doubt if a poster was a woman then they wouldn't like it anymore than he would like her collecting men's pictures. Wake up!

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Q: Is it a sign of cheating if your boyfriend has pictures of his chat friends in his computer who happen to be only beautiful young women yet has no pictures of you in his computer?
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