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Since we don't go around kissing people we don't like, yes, I would say he likes you. Good luck! Marcy

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Q: Is it a sign that a guy likes you if he asks permission to kiss you?
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How to know if Virgo man likes you I really like this guy he tried to kiss me before but I said no He still comes over for a chat and that's about it?

If he tried to kiss you, then that's a pretty clear sign that he likes you. Not only that, but he still comes to talk to you even after you rejected his advance... What clearer sign do you want?

Can your employer sign any of your paper work without your permission?

An employer cannot sign for you WITH your permission. If a document needs your signature, you sign or do not sign it.

If a girl asks you to go somewhere with her and her best friend and is excited when you say yes is that a sign she likes you?

She likes you enough to have asked in the first place, but don't try to decide what kind of liking or how strong it is.

What are you supposed to do when a guy kisses you on your forehead?

Enjoy it. It's a sign of affection, and respect not to push more physical contact without some sign from you. Kiss him on the lips ! He was seeing how you responded to being kissed by him because he likes you and wants to kiss you.

You asked you guy to kiss you and he said yes does it mean he likes you?

Not at all, unfortunatley. However, he might very well like you. If you're hanging out again and he tries something, that's a good sign that he likes you.

How do you know if the guy who likes you is going to ask you out to homecoming?

if he talks to u and tells u about him, and asks wat ur gonna where that's a sign!!

What does it mean if a girl asks for money and when you give it to her she blushes?

UMMMM.. Are You INSANE... She totally likes you blushing is useually a sign of crushing. This coming from a girl that blushes at guys alot

If a document asks for an electronic signature how do you sign it?

if a document asks for my signature I sign it electronically because there is not way to leave it blank then after the document is printed out I sign under my e signature

What does a kiss mean coming from someone you are not dating?

If somone kisses you, and your not dating them. That might be a sign that he or she likes you. If you are very close friends with that person, then it usually means they do. Unless, its like justa friendly hello kiss. Hope this helps! :)

How do you get Permission to use the Jeep trademark?

You have to contact them and get permission and usually you have to sign a contract.

What is the meaning of xxx in message?

Conventionally, as a sign-off, it means "kiss, kiss, kiss".

What is the procedure to sign someone's name with permission?

To sign someone's name with permission, you will sign your name first, add the per procurationem or p.p. designation after your name, and then sign the missing person's name. This is the preferred method of signing.

Can You Kiss On Zwinky?

Yes you can what you do is click on yourself then on the beachball sign and click kiss and click the person you wanto kiss it will kiss them

How can you tell if your boyfriend is ready to kiss you?

The first sign that shows that your boyfriend wants to kiss you is if he looks in your eyes for a bit with a hitmytized look on his face. It's like he's telling you silently I want to kiss you. He will lean toward you very slowly as if he's first letting you know that he's about to kiss you. That's a sign for you to lean; just not fast. Stop leaning when your about an inch from him; and let him do the rest of the leaning. He will then kiss you on the cheek or if he really likes you he will kiss your lips. Last of all don't kiss fast and hard; let him do the work and then you get the feeling and you do some work too. And that is how you can tell if your boyfriend wants to kiss you.

Can you sign your own permission slips?

ha! NO!

Is kissing good or bad?

It depends on what kiss. Kiss is a sign of love and repect. For respect, a kiss on the hand. For love for a family member, a kiss on the forehead or cheeks. For an intimate one, a kiss on the lips is a sign of love. A kiss is bad if it is stolen, you didn't brush your teeth or you kiss someone but you are already committed to somebody else.

What is a sweet sign of affection?

A Hershey's kiss is a sweet sign of affection.

How do you make a kiss sign on Ameba Pico?

If you wanna kiss type /kiss or if you wanna do hearts type /heart.

What if your crush keeps asking you who do you like is that a sign he likes you?

i would think that this is a sign that he/she likes you. as i have been through this i would know.

How old do you have to be to get belly button piercing in Arizona?

13 with parents permission. (they have to sign for it) 18 without their permission.

What asks supporters to sign their names electronically to a request that is going to a government official?

An electronic petition asks supporters to sign their names electronically to a request that is going to a government official.

Can you sign a persons name on a check with their permission?

No, not legally.

If a guy kisses you doesnt say anything after and just takes of is that a sign he likes you?

probably the kiss made him feel weird he got shy he didnt know what to do that moment but he will come around

What is the episode title of Card captors where Li tells Sakura he likes her?

Actualy Li tells her he likes her in episode 70 just after sakura stops eriol with the help of yue, kero and Li. Afterwards, though, she asks for a bear and he gives it (he made it for her originaly) as a sign of love.

What is does XXXXXX means?

A sign of affection or a kiss.