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Is it a technical foul to have 6 men on the court at one time in a basketball game?

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2007-07-17 07:58:13
2007-07-17 07:58:13

yes it is. well actually i have no idea, but technically you are not meant to have more than 5 men on the court at once, so if you put 6 men on it would be technically incorrect, so it is probably a technical foul.
just joshing ya! having 6 men on the court is a technical foul!
may i just draw attention to the fact that not only men can play basketball. women can too!!! for gods sake, this is the 21st century, people!!!

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You can only get 7 technical fouls before missing a 1 game.

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A technical foul in basketball occurs when the players or the coaches show misconduct during the game. When this occurs, the referee will blow his or her whistle and point at the person that has shown misconduct. Then the best free-throw shooter on the team that has not received the technical foul will shoot two free throws, followed by that team receiving possession of the ball. Hope this helps.

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