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yes it is. well actually i have no idea, but technically you are not meant to have more than 5 men on the court at once, so if you put 6 men on it would be technically incorrect, so it is probably a technical foul.
just joshing ya! having 6 men on the court is a technical foul!
may i just draw attention to the fact that not only men can play Basketball. women can too!!! for gods sake, this is the 21st century, people!!!

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โˆ™ 2007-07-17 07:58:13
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Q: Is it a technical foul to have 6 men on the court at one time in a basketball game?
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What are the 3 fouls that can happen in a basketball game?

team foul technical foul personal foul

How many shots for a technical foul in a high school basketball game?


How many technical foul can you get in basketball before missing a game?

You can only get 7 technical fouls before missing a 1 game.

A player is on the bench when a technical foul is called on the opposing coach. Can this player be entered into a high school game to shoot the technical foul shot?

no that is not aloud you have to pick from the 5 you have on the court when the technical foul happens

Can a basketball player return to a game wearing another players jersey?

No. It would instantly be a technical foul.

What is a technical foul in basketball?

A technical foul in basketball occurs when the players or the coaches show misconduct during the game. When this occurs, the referee will blow his or her whistle and point at the person that has shown misconduct. Then the best free-throw shooter on the team that has not received the technical foul will shoot two free throws, followed by that team receiving possession of the ball. Hope this helps.

What happens if a technical foul is called after a basketball game ends?

Joeseph Lyle Estramonte of Greenwich, NY sais your S.O.L

What are all the fouls in basketball?

over and back 3 in the key defensive three seconds 8 second backcourt defensive foul offensive foul flagrant foul and technical foul two techs equals ejection from game

How many players can dress for a big ten basketball game?

All of them. If a player shows up naked, I believe it is a technical foul.

Is it a foul in basketball to push off of someone in a game?

yes it's a foul

How is the game restarted after a technical foul?

The team that did not recieve the technical foul, picks a shooter, and then shoot two foul shots, then the team that got to shoot the foul shots get the ball on the side out of bounds.

What happens if everyone fouls out in a basketball game?

In the college game, a team has to forfeit the game when they are down to one eligible player--- unless the referee believes they could still win the game. In the NBA, teams must have five players on the court, and there is a rarely-used procedure where players can come back into the game if their team runs out of players. If a player comes back in after fouling out and gets another personal foul, his team is assessed a technical foul in addition to the personal foul.

If all but four players foul out can the game continue?

Yes. What will happen is that the last person to foul out will get called for a technical because there are no players left to play. The other team will get two technical foul shots, and the game will continue.

When a player gets a foul in basketball does that mean they did something wrong?

In Basketball, a foul, is a penalty for doing something against the rules of the game.

Does a coach have to sit in high school basketball once given a technical foul?

No they are just excorted out. They eighter have to stay in the locker room and watch the game from there or leave.

How many players can be on a basketball court per game?

At one time, there may be 10 players on a court, 5 from each team. During substitutions and time-outs, there may be brief moments when there are more than 10 players on the court at one time. During game play, keeping too many players on the court other than to switch a player out will result in a technical foul.

What is meant by a disqualifying foul in basketball?

A disqualifying foul is one that causes the player to be ejected from the game.

Can a player that has fouled out shoot technical foul shots for his team?

No - once a player has fouled out of the game he/she is disqualified and not permitted to perform any role on the court.

What is the foul called when a player is kicked out of the basketball game?


What is a dead ball foul in a basketball game?

over the back.

What happens to you if you get a technical foul in the nba?

You get a fine and a 1 game suspension

How many fouls are needed to foul out in a high school basketball game?

You get five fouls before you foul out.

What is a basketball court?

A basketball court is a designated, usually concreted, area on which the game of basketball is played.

What is the ressuption of the game when a technical foul happen in the 3 point area?

you still get one short no matter where you at on the court. a technical foul is not like a regular foul. it's commonly called for yelling at the ref's cause their was a big issue last year in the NBA finals. so you will see tech fouls more often in the 2010 season.

What are 2 ways to get a foul in a basketball game?

hit the person or trip them