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Any time a spouse is physically harmed it's considered abuse. Even a slap on the face can be considered abuse, although I might recommend that a couple go to counseling if that's all it is. These things never get better without outside intervention, they only get worse. There are far too many people who have died from domestic violence. Don't be one of them. You already have the warning signs. If you're being physically attacked by a husband, get out of there. You aren't safe.

AnswerThere is no reason for this. Love is kind. Abuse is not Love. The words bitch and I love you cannot be spoken to the same woman. No Way.

If you make him this angry he needs to check himself. I have an agreement with my wife when I retreat outdoors during a disagreement show me the respect of not following me.

Unless the woman has a blade or a gun threatning to use them a Real Man would never slap or hit her!

AnswerYou don't do as you wish, that is an illusion. Sure you may be able to go out when you please, but he knows and you know that he will get mad at something eventually so you don't have a clear mind. Your walking on eggshells. You are at his mercy of his moods, that is not freedom. I have been with abusive men that "allowed" me to go out, but i can tell you i was a prisoner in my mind as i knew i would get yelled at eventually about something supposedly unrelated. I don't think its unrelated though, i think they wait to punish you then like a shark they make their attack. It is all carefully though out.
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Q: Is it abuse if the wife is mostly free to live her life as she pleases but the husband sometimes loses control during an argument and attacks his wife physically?
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