Is it abuse to make boys do push ups for punishment?


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2006-09-05 23:48:07
2006-09-05 23:48:07

no because they do that in the army and in boot camps and many others no, No that is actually a good idea just don't make then do too many, but it also depends on how old they are and how bad they were to be punished. * Maybe. It depends on where, when, way the so called "punishment" was meted out and under what authority did the person have to instigate the act.


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because boys will push you to the edge. :]

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Absoulutely not!! It is a form of child abuse!

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Yes. While there are limits to physical punishments in public schools (no spanking) push-ups are not considered corporal punishment.

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a push to make switch is used for a battery

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The boys push him out of everything because he acts too mature and like an adult for the other boys. He wants to make sure everything is thought out, but the others just want to do what there leader tells them too.

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