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This is strictly my own opinion, but I feel when he left his ex he shouldn't have looked back. He's with you now, and his ex or her family shouldn't be any part of your lives. I was married before, and when I remarried, my ex's brother's and his sister wanted to keep in touch with me, but I realized this would make my husband uncomfortable, and that was a life I had before and it didn't fit in with my future. I phoned each one of them and explained the situation and they understood. If there is a different situation going on here that you couldn't post, then go to the family function and enjoy it. However, I find it really bizarre, and I don't think you should be put in this situation. If he wants to go let him, but don't feel forced to go. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-09-21 07:43:27
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Q: Is it acceptable to meet your husband's ex-girlfriends parents family and close friends at a family gathering if your husband is close friends with his ex and has no problems with the situation?
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