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Is it advisable to replace the 16.5-inch rims on a 1970's model GMC motorhome with 16-inch rims?


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September 13, 2011 2:28AM

The rims and tires for motor homes are sized differently for a reason. I don't suggest switching to different rims as the tires with the correct load rating may not be available in that size.


it would depend what your trying to achieve. in my experience (10years in the transport industry) it wouldn't be the first time someone changed rims on a vehicle, & had no adverse effects, infact it can be better, you can get cheaper tyres, & depending on what profile of tyres, a smoother ride, & if you go to a larger overall diameter (which if your going from 16.6 down to 16 i would guess not) you can get a better distance from a set.

one thing to keep an eye on, your speedo may alter, depending on the overall size of the tyre(its called RPK -revolutions per kilometer -depending on the country your in)

make sure the load rating on the tyres is suitable, (the rims will handle it id the tyres do) check the offset of the rims, & also the mounting style. i.e what type of wheel bolts is used, iso, bud, eng, etc etc

best person to talk to would be your local tyre dealer. they [should] have all the required info