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Is it against the law in West Virginia for a 20-year-old to get a 16-year-old pregnant if she consented to the act?

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Of course it is, since she is under the age of consent. Also, it is not a good life choice, because he will be committed to providing child support until the child is 18. *No, the age of consent for the state is 16, with no applicable age discrepancy unless the older of the couple is in a position of authority.

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Can a guy over 18 get a 17 yr old pregnant in Missouri?

Yes, he can certainly get her pregnant and age has nothing to do with it. And in Missouri it would not be illegal as long as she consented.

If you are pregnant at 16 with a 18 year old can he legally get in trouble even though our parents consented?

The answer to this question depends on your location.

What if you get pregnant underaged?

nothing really unless you are under 18 and the other person is over 18 then someone will get in trouble even if it was consented sex

Will a 18 yr old girl get in trouble for getting pregnant by a 16 yr old boy?

The girl may be charged with statutory rape, even if the boy consented.

Can a 17 year old get married with out parental consent if pregnant in the state of west Virginia?

No but maybe in Virginia.

If you are 13 and live in the state of Alabama and a 17 year old gets you pregnant can the state press charges?

yes it is statuary rape and the state will press charges even if she consented

Can a 23 year old get arrested for getting a 16 year old pregnant?

It will depend on the specific laws in the location where they are. In some places that would be sexual crime even if she consented.

Can you get pregnant if you moves your hand from face where a guy rubs his penis?

No you can not get pregnant only if the guy inserts his penis in your virginia

Can an older man go to jail for getting a 17 year old pregnant?

It is certainly possible for it to be a crime. It will depend on the laws in that state or country, the age of consent and whether the woman consented.

What will the young man be charged with if he made his crush pregnant when she has a boyfriend already?

Assuming both are over the age of consent, and both consented to the intercourse, the male did not break the law and cannot be charged with any crimes.

Can a girl get pregnant with a 23 year old in the state of West Virginia with no proublems?

You could still have problems. Yes even in West Virginia.

Can a 19-year-old man get into legal trouble if he gets a girl pregnant if her parents had consented to the relationship?

Depends on the age of the girl and the state you are in. If she is 17 or under, there could be problems in many states.

Can a pregnant 16 yr old marry without parent permission in virginia?

No you cannot.

Can you get married in Virginia if you are pregnant without parental permission?

I don't think that it matters whether you are pregnant or not. I think that you need parental consent or be age 18 or older.

Can a 19 year old get in trouble for getting his 17 year old girl friend pregnant in Texas?

Yes. It's called Statutory rape. Since she is not yet an adult She does not have the right to decide to get pregnant or have sex. Her parents carry that right until she turns 18 and can file rape charges on her behalf even if she consented.

Can you move out 17 and pregnant in west Virginia?

Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor. Until you turn 18, your parents are in charge, so they make the rules.

In Virginia will a 20-year-old be prosecuted if he gets a 16-year-old pregnant?

The age of consent in Virginia is 18, so yes.

If a 15-year-old gets pregnant by 22-year-old willingly in Kentucky what are circumstances?

if charges are pressed by your parents not by you then the guy will go to jail for statutory rape which means that although consented he did have sex with you.

Can you move out of your parents house without consent in Virginia at 17 and 6 months if you are pregnant?

No, in Virginia you are not emancipated automatically when you are pregnant. It does not mean one has the ability to take care of yourself. You do have certain rights as to obtaining assistance for you and your child, but you are still the responsibility of your parents until you turn 18.

Can a pregnant 16 year old go to Maryland to get married without parental consent if they live in Virginia?

Yes she can

In Virginia if your 15 and pregnant by your 20 your old boyfriend will he get in trouble?

You better believe it! It is at least a Class one misdemeanor.

Can you file criminal charges for adultery in Virginia if my husbands girlfriend is pregnant?

Yes you can file a say case of being unfaithful.

Is it illegal for a 21 year old to get a 16 year old pregnant in Kentucky?

It isn't illegal if she consented. But I'd stay away from the parents! You've pretty much messed her life up and haven't done well for yourself. You have your own jail to contend with now.

Can a pregnant sixteen year old marry an eighteen year old without parental consent in Virginia?

No. You must have parental permission to get married if you are under 18. Being pregnant doesn't change the age.

If your a pregnant minor in West Virginia can you live with your boyfriend?

well. if he is the one that got u pregnet then he would most likely be in jail.