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Is it age discrimination if my place of employment is paying me less than a co-worker for doing the same job even though I've been there six months longer...His starting pay-7.50 Me-6.25?


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Clarification needed. You are asking about age discrimination, but you have not given any information about ages. RESPONSE: I'M NEW TO WIKI...I EXPLAINED ANSWER ON THE DISCUSSION PAGE! PLEASE READ! THANK YOU! ---- Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and not qualified to give legal advice. Before you think of seeking legal counsel--which is going to cost you many hours' work--you might want to consider speaking to your employer and asking for a compensating adjustment (preferably retroactive) to put you on an equitable footing with your colleague. There are other possible explanations than age discrimination. It is possible that the starting rate has been raised since you were hired. It is possible that your colleague negotiated for a higher rate when he was offered the job. It is possible that there was something in his job description that is not in yours. Aren't you more interested in setting the matter to rights than in speculating on the reason? Opinion People are far too quick these days to turn an injustice into a mind-reading act and mind-reading into an accusation and an accusation into a legal action. Why not seek the simplest solution first and avoid destroying your relationship with your employer? An injustice can be corrected in many ways other than by lawsuit. ----