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Is it all right if your kitten sometimes eats your dog's food?

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No, it is most certainly not OK. Dogs and cats have very different nutritional needs, and kittens have different nutritional needs than adult cats. Kittens should be fed kitten food exclusively for the entire first year of life, because even though they may look fully grown, their internal organs, brains, and nervous systems are still developing throughout the first year of life. Cats should never be fed dog food (and vice versa). All pets should always be fed species-appropriate food designed for the animal's life stage (kitten/puppy, adult, senior). There is a reason that companies make different food for different species' needs! The ocassional dogfood "treat" won't likely hurt them. However, cats need taurine, and there won't be high amounts of that in dog food. Without that nutrient their nervous systems and organs won't develop properly.... so you need to make sure they're getting kitten food for most meals.... a couple of bites of dog food isn't going to poison them, but it's not the best nutrition for them either if you want a healthy animal long term.

2009-08-22 17:39:13
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