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Is it all right to take fiber pills during pregnancy?


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I am taking Benefiber and it says right on the side of the container to ask your doctor if you can take this while pregnant. So you should ask your doctor.


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no, i take birth control pills and they don't effect the test at all. if you are still worried about being pregnant take more than 1 test to be sure, take 1 at night and then the other right when you get up in the morning (pregnancy hormone is highest in during te first urination).

It is very rare, but women can menstruate during pregnancy. It is right at the onset of a pregnancy and usually coincides with the woman being very close to her normal cycle.

Traveling during the 5th week of pregnancy has to be determined by your doctor. A doctor's will know your health and give you the right advice.

I'm afraid they only prevent it not get rid of it. if you think you are pregnant take a test right away. birth control will not end pregnancy.

In theory if you have taken your pills regularly and correctly then your period should occur sometime during the seven days that you take the placebo pills. Since normal menstruation occurs approximately 14 days after the first day of your last period, and you only have about a 2 day window during that egg can be fertilized and conception can occur, by the time you reach the placebo pills you should be at least a week past being able to conceive. Having unprotected sex at this time should not result in pregnancy unless you have only recently begun taking the pill or have a history of very irregular menstrual cycles. If you do not have a period at all during the time that you are taking the placebo pills you should probably take a home pregnancy test to make sure that you are not pregnant, especially if you missed any doses since your last period or were on any medications that may have lowered the efficiency of your pills.

Yes, some can. Some vaccines are safe in pregnancy, and others are not. Your doctor can tell you what vaccines are right for you before, during and after pregnancy.

They don't go anywhere. They stay right where they are.

The mans right during the pregnancy is practically none. It happens in her body so the rights are hers. After the baby's born he has rights as a dad.

It all depends on the size of you and if you eat and do the right things

Pain in lower right and/or left sides.

Yes it is right weight loss is sign of pregnancy, but not always. During pregnancy, decrease nausea and vomiting is a big reason of weight loss.

As long as it is not too strenuos it shoulf be all right.

Yes, especially if during the entire pregnancy she was drinking 32 ounces of milk.

Paracetamol can be used routinely during all stages of pregnancy in therapeutic doses.If there is a need to use it in high doses for longer duration,please consult your doctor. Have a good day

During the late stages of pregnancy you can have upper abdominal pain, but the most common pain is heart burn. Talk to your doctor and if becomes severe, call your doctor right away.

There is no reason why using a tampon during pregnancy would be a problem. Pregnancy usually comes with a lack of periods, though, so tampons aren't needed. If you're pregnant and bleeding, you need to consult with your prenatal care provider right away.

Hello. If a boy takes birth control pills he will probably experience nasusea, dizzyness and pregnancy like symptoms due to the overload of female hormones in the pills. Next time don't touch birth control pills. You are aware that you are a genius right ^^ i mean that literally because if it makes them experience pregnancy symptoms we women no longer have to suffer alone (^_^) that can be a trade advice maybe we should team up and market the product to pregnate females to make the men suffer as well LOL

What type of fiber tract of white matters connect the right and left hemisphere

Then you would have a new pregnancy. If you feel that this has happened or if you are having any bleeding during pregnancy you should contact your Dr right away.

From what I have learned from my physician recently, is that you can only make two choices during your placebo/sugar pill week,You take your sugar pills for the seven days, and menstruation will occur, do not take your sugar pills for the seven days, but you will wait seven days to start your new pack of pills.You start your new pack of pills on the day that you were to start your placebo pills.So to my understanding, you should not start your active pills now, because you will mess up your cycle, and if the pills are not taken properly, everyday and and the same time, you may put your risk for pregnancy.I hope you make the right decision based on the facts that I have told you.

25-40 pounds. Your doctor can tell you if you're in the right weight range or not.

Yes, it is. You should not be worried just visit your doctor.

Perform a pregnancy test in 2 weeks to be certain and use a condom for 2 weeks because you wont be fully protected against pregnancy.

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