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Using A Bird Cage For A Rat:
  • Absolutley! Rats like to climb. You can make a playground through the bid cage with rope, cardboard, and really anything else. You rats would love it!
  • A rat can be put into a bird cage as long as the cage has been properly modified to suit a rat.
  • No you shouldn't put a rat in a bird cage because birds have different surroundings then rats and they need different homes.
  • If the cage is big enough, and the bottom is not wire... then sure. It doesn't really matter what species the cage is labeled for, so long as it meets your animal's housing requirements. I've kept rats in bird cages.
  • Yes. As long as the wire is close enough together so the rat can't get stuck and make sure all doors are very secure. If the bottom of the cage is plastic keep a close eye on it because they can chew a hole. Rats are very intelligent and can figure out how to escape easily.
  • There are pros and cons: only if the cage has a big enough floor space and No because if they climb to the top of the cage and fall off it's a long way to fall and the rat could hurt itself. It might get it's head stuck in the wire. If you don't put soft bedding (newspaper and wood shavings) on the floor the rat/mouse's feet might fall through the floor and the wire under their feet is just uncomfortable. It doesn't cost much more to buy a rat cage.
  • Yes, there are plenty of good bird cages that you can modify by adding levels and hammocks, you can basically pack it full of toys. I had a hard time deciding to get a rat cage or a bird cage. Just remove the wire bottom.
  • Yes, but make sure that the on the bottom of the cage there is no way your rat friend can get his foot (or any other body part) stuck and you can buy little platforms that will connect to the side of a cage and hammocks for ferrets or other small animals will create a cozy environment and if your rat is small enough for a house if you take an empty tissue box and take off all the plastic from the top then that would work too my rats loved it.
  • Yes you can put a rat in a bird cage as long as all the doors are secure and it cant get out or stuck through the bars. The rat will enjoy playing and climbing on the toys and bars in the cage I know my rat would!
  • I have a pet rat and she lives in a bird cage that i modified because rat cages are too expensive and many deals include a rat which i didnt need. My rat loves her cage and acts like any other normal rat.
  • My rats also live in a bird cage that has been modified. Bird cages are also much cheaper than rat cages.

  • yes, just make sure that the bottom is not wire, there is not enough space between the bars so that the rat can escape, and there is enough space.
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Q: Is it all right to use a bird cage for a rat?
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Where can you buy a rat cage in the western cape?

Just use a large bird cage, or a rabbit cage. My rat has a rabbit cage, and she's as happy as can be. My old rat had a bird cage, and he was perfectly fine.

Can a rat live in a bird cage?

Only if it is a large bird cage with multiple levels. The wire may be harsh on the rats feet so you should lay bedding on all levels for padding.

Is it all right to use a ferret cage for a rat?

Only if the rat is smaller than the ferret or close to the same size.

What animal would a pet store employee hate to find has escaped from its cage?

snake, bird, dog, rat

If you put two girl hamsters with one girl rat in the same cage will they be all right or will they fight?

Not a good idea. It's best to put the rat in a separate cage. Rats and hamsters fight like you would never believe, trust me.....

Do you have to buy a plane ticket for a rat?

Not at all! You can put your cute little rat in a cage and then it'll sit in the cage under your seat. This goes for all small animals. Great question though!

Will a rat attack a bird?

yes an rat can attack an bird

Which rat is the nicest rat?

No rat is really "the nicest". it all depends on how much you play with them and toys in their cage. If you are looking to buy one, my personnal favorite is the fancy rat.

How do you teach a rat not to poo outside of the cage?

keep him/her in the cage at all times or lol this is funny put a litter box in there

What is better to keep a pet rat in an aquarium or cage?

A cage.

Can rats live on a birdcage?

Yes they can, cause my two rats twoi and claw live in a big bird cage. It is so much better for them cause it usually has more room then a rat cage. But please be careful because my rat once got out of a gap but we found him outside the cage under it and we just put secure screen the one on the windows and doors. But yes they can live in a bird Cage and trust me thy will absolutly love it .

Can a full grown rat fit into a hamster cage?

No. Hamster rat cage don't have enough space to pet rats. You can use Midwest Critter Nation rat cage. It has plenty of space to play and move around. You can check the reviews here- bestratpoisons. com/rat-cage-for-2-rats

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