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too much of a good thing is always bad

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Q: Is it at all hazardous to your health if you crave and consume copious amounts of vinegar?
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Can you drink a lot on vingar?

Drinking vinegar in large amounts wil unbalance your Ph and make you sick. If you think drinking vinegar will allow to consume more alcohol, that's nonsense.

Is water and vinegar good to use on hardwood cabinet?

Ypu can use it (white vinegar and water) however, it should be only when you dampen a cloth and wipe dry immeadiately. Using copious amounts to clean wood can cause staining (white water marks) and leave the wood in poor condition

Can you drink vinegar every day in small amounts such as one to two tablespoons?

I would not recommend it because vinegar is a form of acid. If you consume too much acid, it can lower the Ph level of your blood to be more acidic which can cause severe illness or death.

Is vinegar a Hazardous Waste?

Yes, it is; it contains acetic acid, which could be flammable.

How do you cure charlie horses?

Consume a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

Can vinegar hurt a dog?

Vinegar, when used in small amounts, does not hurt a dog. White vinegar is often used to clean ears, and apple cider vinegar is sometimes added to drinking water.

What is the least hazardous material to neutralize sodium hydroxide?

Vinegar will do it, but you'll need quite a bit.

Is vinger a base?

Vinegar is composed of differing amounts of ACETIC ACID diluted with water. Table or cooking vinegar is a weak acid.

How do you clean quarters and nickels and dimes without hazardous chemicals?

Try soaking them in vinegar for a couple hours.

What happens when you mix Pepsi and vinegar?

I would say dont consume it! I had boiled crab in Pepsi wit a little vinegar and I threw up for two days!

Is acetic acid poisonous?

Well it's vinegar so no not really (unless you consume LOADS of it)

Does vinegar have any chemicals that is hazardous when mixed together?

Vinegar is only a solution (5 %-9 %) of acetic acid in water; sometimes are added balsamic extracts from plants for more flavour.

Where can you buy vinegar in bulk?

Sams Club, BJ's, Costco or any other wholesale club will sell bulk amounts of vinegar or anything else.

What will swallowing vinegar do to you?

Well if you swallowed a little, then it won't affect you a lot. IF not, and you drank vinegar(which would be a stupid idea), then you would have discomfort and stomach aches because vinegar is extremely acidic....expeciallly if you consume too much. Vinegar can burn or scar your inside tissues and organs

Is distilled vinegar Halal?

It is permissible to consume vinegar made from wine as long as the effects of alcohol, e.g. intoxication, are not present. This permissibility is evident in the books of Fiqh.

What would happen if you consume vinegar water baking soda and sugar together?

It makes your stomach not hurt :)

Household hazardous waste can be eliminated by preparing your own cleaning products using the following ingredients EXCEPT?

vinegar with water

Is the gas from mixing vinegar and baking soda toxic?

Carbon dioxide: It is toxic, but usually not in the amounts and concentration produced by the vinegar-baking soda reaction.

What to do if too much base on the skin rather than acid?

I don't know how relevant this is, but in our chemistry labs we were told to wash off with copious amounts of water and our chemistry teacher said once to spill some dilute acid over it to neutralise it first. I stress dilute, e.g. ethanoic acid in vinegar when we were dealing with very powerful conc. chemicals.

What would happen if equal amounts of vinegar and lime water were mixed?

Calcium acetate is formed.

If you heat vinegar or alcohol will it destroy the allergenic part of brewer's yeast so that people with allergies may consume the food with vinegar or alcohol in it?

no it will kill you by making your head explode and then you will have a craving for sporks

Is drinking amounts of vinegar a day a good way to lose weight?

Though vinegar does claim to have some good health benefits, there is no scientific proof that drinking any amount of vinegar a day is a good way to lose weight.

What happen when baking soda and vinegar are combined?

An exothermic reaction occurs (causes heat) and large amounts of carbon-dioxide. Try it, it's harmless in small amounts.

What does vinegar do for your body?

vinegar has alot of health benefits, but you should only drink it in very small amounts such as a tea spoon in a full glass of water but, remember not to drink it undiluted.

What type of water should be used when washing a wound caused by a sea animal's sting?

SeawaterMost marine animal venoms, like that of jellyfish or the barbs of poisonous fish, are alkaline in pH, so a mild acid like a vinegar solution has some neutralizing effect. Use copious amounts of it until the wound is clean, then apply an antibiotic ointment and sterile dressing.