Is it bad at 34 weeks that the normal discharge you've had all pregnancy has virtually stopped?

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I wouldn't worry about it. It's just your hormones and your body adjusting to the pregnancy. If you are still unsure, ask your Dr. at your next appointment.
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Is discharge in early pregnancy normal?

Vaginal Discharge A thin, milky, mild-smelling discharge is normal throughout pregnancy. The medical term for this is leukorrhea. It is very similar to the discharge that many women have prior to their menstrual periods. Since it increases until you reach full-term and may become rather heavy, som ( Full Answer )

How can you stop a pregnancy after 6 weeks?

The only thing you can do is abortion and the limit is usually before week 20-24 depending on what country or state you are in. Before 9 weeks you can do the medical termination which involves taking tablets that will facilitate a miscarriage at home. After that it's a surgical termination which tak ( Full Answer )

Is discharge during early pregnancy normal?

Answer . \nYES\n. \nYou have lots of new hormones surging round your body and they increase the blood flow to the uterus and vagina which increases the discharge from the vagina.\n. \nThis increased discharge should be clear and not itchy or smelly. If it is you may have an infection so should ( Full Answer )

Is brown discharge normal in early pregnancy?

Answer . Yes hon. Brown discharge is referred to as Old Blood or Implantation Bleeding. It is simply left over blood from your period and and this will settle down shortly. However, its always advised to see your doctor when you experience any bleeding or blood like discharge to make sure everyth ( Full Answer )

Is it normal to discharge when you are 14 weeks pregnant?

Answer . An increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very common. It should be white or creamy and not blood-stained, itchy or smelly. If it is any of these see your doctor as you might have an infection.

How do you stop a three-week pregnancy?

If you are 3 weeks from conception you are 5 weeks pregnant and you need to visit a doctor at a clinic like Planned Parenthood to discuss your options. You can have a medical abortion up to the 9th week and after that a surgical one. To have a safe and legal abortion you have to see a doctor.

Is brown discharge at 31 weeks normal?

Answer . NO!!! See your doctor, could be a problem with the pregnancy or an infection, possibly even a sexually transmitted disease.

Is brown discharge normal at end of pregnancy?

Answer . \nif it coming right after the heavy bleeding that you had after having the baby, then yes. it simply means you are healing the way you're suppose to. blood or lochia will go from bright red, to brown, to light yellow, then to white.

What color is normal discharge during pregnancy?

It really depends. Throughout your pregnancy you get loads of discharge , Usually white or clear . But at the end of your pregnancy it may start to turn a light yellow color . If however you have yellow discharge and you are itchy 'down there' then you probablly have a yeast infection. If so , Go ge ( Full Answer )

Is it normal to have brown discharge at 16 weeks?

it is probably nothing to worry about some women do spot while pregnant, as long as it doesnt start to become heavy or start to show clots, or start to resemble a period then you are fine if youstar to show this type of bleeding speak to a doctor

Is Brown Pink discharge during 8 weeks pregnancy normal?

If you know for sure that you are pregnant, it is probably not going to be your period, although some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant. It is possible that it could be implantation bleeding caused by the fertilized egg to attac ( Full Answer )

Is a pregnancy normally 40 weeks?

Actually it is 10 months not 9. 9 months and 4 weeks is 40 weeks. Almost a year! I did it 3 tines and I loved every time.. That means yes--sorry. ________________________________________. Yes BUT you start counting from the first day of your last period. So although it is counted as being pregnan ( Full Answer )

Can you stop a pregnancy after 2 weeks?

Yes you can have a medical abortion up to the 9th week and the doctor will provide the pills for you. It's a combo of Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Is it normal to have brown discharge at twelve weeks of pregnancy?

It could be a cervical change that can cause vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Another cause for bleeding during pregnancy is a miscarriage although the first two reasons for bleeding are more common, it is still a good idea to contact your doctor ( Full Answer )

Is it normal for all pregnancy symptoms to stop at around 15 weeks?

If you mean things like morning sickness, edema (fluid retention in hands, feet, ect.), acne, mood swings, and other things like that, then yes, it is normal for some women. Some women never even have any of those sypmtoms during the entire pregnancy, some have them the whole nine months, and others ( Full Answer )

Is brown discharge in mid pregnancy normal?

Not normally. Call your ob/gyn immediately !! It is only in the first couple of months that spotting can happen, normally. Brown discharge (coffe ground appearance is usually a sign of old blood).

How do you stop a pregnancy alone after a week?

You can't. To try and abort your baby by yourself would be dangerous for you. You could cause yourself some serious damage, or get an infection. Also, you may not actually abort that baby but the baby could end up just being mentally or phyiscally disabled

Is it normal to have brown discharge during the eighth week of pregnancy?

I was on holiday when i was in my 8th week of pregnancy when i started having a brown discharge which lasted 24 hrs, i was convinced i had lost the baby and had to wait another week until i arrived back in the UK for a scan where i was told everything was ok and had no explaination for bleeding.

Can you stop pregnancy in 4 weeks of pregnancy?

if you are refering to abortions then yes you can. i am not judgin you in anyway just please make sure you think this through. god works in mysterious ways and there may be a reason why he blessed you with this of luck prayer is power.

Is it normal to have a pinkish discharge at 34 weeks?

I would talk to the doctor to make sure but it really sounds like your losing the mucus plug which happens before you have the baby. It could be weeks before you go into labor still but your probably losing your plug. Good Luck!

Is it normal to have Brown discharge during pregnancy?

It depends on the stage. A very brief period of brown (or red) discharge can be considered normal at implantation (about six days after ovulation: in other words, before you even miss a period). At any other time, any bleeding- because let's face it, that's what "brown discharge" is; you're bleeding ( Full Answer )

How do you stop 1 week pregnancy?

How would you know if you were 1 week pregnant? Do you mean that your period is a week late and you are certain you are pregnant? If so, that would mean you are 5 weeks pregnant. An abortion, miscarriage, or birth is the only way to end a pregnancy. Perhaps you should talk to your parents.

Can pregnancy be stopped after 1 week?

Yes pregnancy can easily be terminated after 1 week with the helpof MTP kit which contains 1 mifepristone and 4 misoprostol pills,these all medicines results in termination of unwanted pregnancy. MTP kit, the best and effective way to get unwilling pregnancyterminated. Women who are facing pregnancy ( Full Answer )

Is no discharge at all a sign of pregnancy?

No, this isn't a sign of pregnancy. Discharge occurs depending on where you are in your cycle (pre-pregnancy) and the discharge will increase during pregnancy.

How can you stop a eight weeks pregnancy?

You can stop an 8 week from gestation pregnancy the same way you would stop any other pregnancy. That is, you can have an abortion. Most abortions in America are performed by suction curettage, which is an option at 8 weeks. In practice, abortion is legal in all 50 States, up to week 24 on demand. A ( Full Answer )