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Is it bad for when your boyfriend is forty-two years old and you to be twenty-two years old?

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2007-06-15 23:09:21

Some people at the mere discussion of this can turn their nose

up and think it is "disgusting" or "Not right" or whatever else

they may say.

At the end of the day it is what makes YOU happy that matters, the

purpose of your life is not have it dictated to you how to live it

or else it wouldn't be your life at all and you would be a mere


I've been with my boyfriend now for about 10 months and he is 18

years older than me, and I'm happy. Don't get me wrong it's not all

bunny rabbits and blossoms, like with any relationship. We can

sometimes have different views about things and with the age gap

both of us have different experiences, but that can be a good

thing, and makes live that little bit more interesting. If you're

happy, it shouldn't matter what others think :)

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