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Is it bad if the guy you like is six years older than you?



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As a general rule, try to shoot within 20% of your age, but that's fairly flexible.


It depends on the relative age and maturity of the couple. If you're 45 and he's 51, then it's probably not going to be a problem. If you're 13 and he's 19, it probably will be a problem.

believe me, i know EXACTLY how you feel! i am 13 and my brother's friend is 18 ... haha! i don't think he would ever like me until I'm in high school, so then it wouldn't be as strange. it is deffinately ok to like someone older, and keep your hopes up high because you don't want to put yourself down for nothing. be friendly and maybe he'll think you're a cute little girl, which is what happens in my case :) good luck<3


Its not bad. :)

My boyfriend is 21 and I'm 16. I guess it depends on the people too. If you mature enough for an older guy, it'll probably work out, If not then. . . . it still could work eventually. As time progresses you will become more and more mature. So yea go for it. haha.



Abviously most people don't know what there talking is love it comes in all shapes sizes and ages lol it doesn't matter as long as u are under 21 when he is over it because that is illegal but i like this 18 year old and he likes me 2 but im 13. mii point is love is love and if its meant 2 be the age won't matter so why ask other ppl who have no idea what there talkin about when you can just go for long as its legal(remember ALWAYS DO LEGAL STUFF!!) or else u may never see them again =.( *tear*


I know exactly how you feel-I'm 13, And My little crush just turned 17. The Good thing is that he thinks High School Relationships are Stupid, so I guess that'd be a plus for me. Like someone already said, It all depends on how mature you are about the relationship. People can't stop you from loving, but if you're going to date an older person, just remember to be mature about it. Personally, I think that dating right now (a 13 year old & 17 year old, for example) would be extremley risky, not to mention kind of pointless. But Once you get older, Such as a 17 Year old & a 21 year old (me in 4 Years), That would be more logical. I know a couple who are 9 1/2 years apart! Good Luck ;)