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As a general rule, try to shoot within 20% of your age, but that's fairly flexible.

AnswerIt depends on the relative age and maturity of the couple. If you're 45 and he's 51, then it's probably not going to be a problem. If you're 13 and he's 19, it probably will be a problem.

believe me, i know EXACTLY how you feel! i am 13 and my brother's friend is 18 ... haha! i don't think he would ever like me until I'm in high school, so then it wouldn't be as strange. it is deffinately ok to like someone older, and keep your hopes up high because you don't want to put yourself down for nothing. be friendly and maybe he'll think you're a cute little girl, which is what happens in my case :) good luck<3

AnswerIts not bad. :)

My boyfriend is 21 and I'm 16. I guess it depends on the people too. If you mature enough for an older guy, it'll probably work out, If not then. . . . it still could work eventually. As time progresses you will become more and more mature. So yea go for it. haha.



Abviously most people don't know what there talking is love it comes in all shapes sizes and ages lol it doesn't matter as long as u are under 21 when he is over it because that is illegal but i like this 18 year old and he likes me 2 but im 13. mii point is love is love and if its meant 2 be the age won't matter so why ask other ppl who have no idea what there talkin about when you can just go for long as its legal(remember ALWAYS DO LEGAL STUFF!!) or else u may never see them again =.( *tear*

AnswerI know exactly how you feel-I'm 13, And My little crush just turned 17. The Good thing is that he thinks High School Relationships are Stupid, so I guess that'd be a plus for me. Like someone already said, It all depends on how mature you are about the relationship. People can't stop you from loving, but if you're going to date an older person, just remember to be mature about it. Personally, I think that dating right now (a 13 year old & 17 year old, for example) would be extremley risky, not to mention kind of pointless. But Once you get older, Such as a 17 Year old & a 21 year old (me in 4 Years), That would be more logical. I know a couple who are 9 1/2 years apart! Good Luck ;)
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Is it bad if the guy you like is 12 years older than you?

It depends how old are you?

Is it bad if the guy you like is seven years older than you?

depends on how old you are, if you are 35, no. if you are 14...... YES!!!!

Is it bad to like someone 3 years older then you?

No, It just seems odd during school, but a lot of married people are sometimes 5-7 years older than each other.

Is it bad to like a girl 5 years younger than you and I'm 21?

No, but you should just wait a litte before you start to date her, Cause my uncle his wife is 6 years younger than him its nothing bad i mean if he was like 10 years older their would be a difference

Is it bad that you like someone 8 years older than you?

It's not BAD that you like someone 8 years older than you. You are aloud to have feelings for anybody you want to.The problem comes in when say you are 15 and he is 23. You would have to wait a while longer to actually have a PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP otherwise it would be marked off as statutory rape.

Is it bad to like a guy waaayyyy older than you?

no its fine who you like it doesnt matter how old they are

Is it bad for a guy 4 years older to like you?

No, not at all. Unless you are 12 or younger.

Is it bad to look about 2 years older than you really are and your 14?

Not at that age ! Most kids want to look a bit older.

Is it bad to like a person three years older than you?

It depends on the age of both people involved. If one is under 18 years old then it might be best to wait. I am 20 and my boyfriend is 23 so no, there is nothing wrong with that age difference.

Is it bad if the guy you like is 2 years older?

it depends how old you are , but im assuming your around 17 or older ? but to answer your question no it does not matter if your partner is a couple of years older than you , as long as your sure of your relationship and you know what you want out of it then that's all that matters ! but you wouldn't want to date someone that's like a expert to relationships compared to you , does this make sense ? it does not 2 years is not biggy 10 is huge

Is it bad to like older guys?


Is it good or bad for a guy to be two years older than you?

Bad, he's probably not mature enough...he must be at least in a grave to be on the same level as a woman.

How do you get a 7 year old girl to like you if your ten years old?

um, i see the difference is by 3 years so if ur like older than ten (18) and she's younger than 7 (15) then you should totally give up cuz its a bad idea...&#9786;

If a man is 18 years older than his girlfriend is that a bad thing?

Age is just a number. Just as long as she or you are of age.

Is it bad to like a guy 7 years younger than you?

Not at all, just as long as he is of legal age. Some young men are into older women. And vice versa... it happens from time to time.

Is Hitler bad in younger years?

Hitler was really only bad later on in his life, when he was younger he was not as bad as when he was older.

Is it bad to date a guy 2 years older then you?

Not if you both like each other, 2 years isn't really a huge age difference so if you reall like him, i would go for it.

Is having a crush on a guy that's three and a half years older than you for 4 years bad when your in high school even after he has already turned you down?

Yes. Yes it is.

Is it wrong for you to date someone who is two years older than you?

It depends on how old you are. If you are a teenager, it can be a little weird but if you are an adult it wont be as bad. Also, the male in a relationship is usually older because they mature later.

Is cuddling with a boy that is 3 years older than you bad?

No it isn't! Depends on your relationship as well but from my point of view cuddling with anyone doesn't matter.

What happens when you like a guy 2 years older and you nearly don't know them?


Young girl that is obessed with a older men?

if she wants to have a relationship with them than BAD but if their like movies stars all teens are obbsessed w/ them like Taylor launter and such

Is it bad that you're dating a freshman girl while being a softmore?

Is it bad? No it is not. You guys are only 1 year apart. It is on the right age group. It is not inappropriate. It's not like it's 9 years older or anything like that.

I'm in love with a guy 4 years older than me and he is in love with me but its my mom she is in the way plz help?

Depending on your age, being in a relationship with a guy that's four years older can be bad news. Listen to mom on this one, she's got many more years of experience and wisdom.

Can honey sour?

Honey can go bad, but it literally takes years. Like, more than a decade or two, for honey to go bad.

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