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No A Good Brand 10w30 Motor Oil Will Be Just Fine. Sounds As If You May Have Worn Or Broken Oil Rings. These Are On The Engine Pistons, Also When You Start The Car You May Have More Oil Smoke. If This Is What That Is Happening, Best Way Is Have A Compression Test Ran On The Engine. Take It To A Very Good Shop, Someone That Can Be Trusted To Have A Mechanic Check It Out. God Bless

2006-08-28 22:52:56
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Does marijuana smoking cause sexual problem?

No but smoking cigs do

If you quit smoking can you correct the problem?

We do not understand what problem you refer to.

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What would happen if you smoke laundry detergent?

Smoking laundry detergent is ultimately harmful to your body's physiology. You won't get high and, unless you smoke enough, it won't have any effects other than a bad cough. It WON'T remove toxins from your lungs and it ISN'T recommended by any means. There are MANY cases where illegal drugs are shipped in detergent and smoked afterwards with trace amounts of detergent in the narcotic. Other than a bad after taste, the detergent did not alter the user's intoxication negatively or positively. So smoking detergent will not do anything except potentially harm the person trying to attempt such a ridiculous feat. That being said, powdered detergent acts as any dust would in the lungs and air ways of a human body. "Smoking" it MAY not harm you but inhaling the powder and all of it's chemicals could cause potentially serious health risks. The "smoke" might not hurt you but the detergent itself has the potential to.

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biology solved our problem such as smoking problem: first you have to ask your self what does smoking mean, does smoking have any advantage in my life you have to make assumption, you have to test or experiment on your lab the cigarette and at last you have to conclude your answer. you will discover the disadvantages of the smoking and you will know that smoking lets you to die

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Its no problem....... Its srupid peoples srupid decisions

What is one health problem associated with smoking a pipe?

Smoking causes lung cancer.

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Smoking tobacco would not be a problem. Smoking illegal substances can get you into trouble.

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is the hypothesis of cigarrete smoking..ask your teacher about that because we have our own problem.

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If people wants to STOP SMOKING, they should make cigarettes so expensive that they cant afford to buy it!

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It is a health and social problem for the smoker and the people and environment aroud smoker.Only people really benefit from smoking are those related to tobacco company...

How do state laws discourage teen smoking?

State laws, such as the increase in the price of cigarettes, discourages teen smoking by making it expensive to smoke.

What is being done to prevent people from smoking?

smoking isn't illegal and not your problem as long as they arn't doing it around you.

What is the statement of the problem of smoking cigarette?

When writing a paper on the statement of the problem of cigarette smoking, you will want to outline a problem. You have many choices including how addictive tobacco use is, the health problems it causes, and the issues that surround quitting.

What are same problems about smoking?

Smoking causes lung cancer, bad breath, yellowing of the teeth, and many more things. It is an expensive and dirty habit.

What happens when smoke comes out of a Toyota Rav 4 at the start of the car?

From FAQ Farmer Albil: "My 98 Rav-4 started smoking around 90k... The Shore Toyota people advised me that the "seal's" in the cylander was passing oil, causing the smoking, it wasn't a excessively expensive event, and did correct the problem."

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smoking in restaurants.

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Is your parking brake on? this happened to me and wow the back tires were really smoking!! Check and see if this is the problem

How much does one of your wood smoking grills cost?

Smoking grills are more expensive than gas grills. A good smoking grill can cost between 450 to 600. But it really depends on what condition it's in.

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Smoking has varying effects on fertility, so there is no accurate way to answer your question. We cannot even say if smoking was the cause of an initial problem.

Smoking weed and penicillin?

should be just fine never had a problem with that

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Smoking is expensive because of taxes. Cigarettes are seen as an unnecessary luxury at best and so are often targeted for tax increases. As a result more than 50% of the cost of cigarettes is tax.On the rare occasion that cigarettes are available without paying taxes (Indian reservations or military bases) they are much less expensive.

Did obama get caught smoking weed?

He has admitted to smoking week and using cocaine I don't think he was ever arrested for his drug use problem.

How does smoking affect basketball players?

Well, smoking can effect ANY athlete. Smoking slows down and makes it harder to breathe, and that's one problem. Sometimes you can be dizzy too so there is many different ways smoking can effect.

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