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Is it bad to drink water when you have to pee?

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Answered 2021-04-16 00:35:54

Yes if you have to pee badly and drink tons of water your bladder will not be able to hold it much and release against your will

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Answered 2009-10-06 21:19:31

no. you'll just pee more

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Why you no drink salt water?

salt water taste like fish pee, and pee taste nasty so don't drink salt water. it bad for you

Is it a bad thing when your pee is yellow?

Yes,It means that the inside of your body is dirty and might not drink water alot so you have to drink water alot to clean your body and make your pee clear and it has to make you pee alot when you drink water alot

What does it mean if your pee smells bad?

it can mean your dehidrated, drink more water and/or electolytes

Is the water we drink DINOSOAR PEE?

When God mad Adam and Eve, he knew they would need water so he gave them rivers and such to drink, and because of the water cycle, you are drinking that water, dinosoar pee, human pee, and animal pee. If you pee on the ground, it will go into the ground, the crap from the pee will separate from the water in your pee and that water will continue in the water cycle. Not all of the water you drink is dinosoar pee. eeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is pee bad to swallow?

Yes it is.and also nasty

What can you drink that will make you pee really bad?

actually water is a thin liquid so it will go through ur system just as easy as any other drink so the more water u drink the more u will hav to pee

How do you force yourself to pee?

Just drink lots of water and when you get pee drink 1 glass more and then go to the toilet and pee you will surely get lots of pee.

Why is it bad to drink seawater?

Yes, considering i pee in it.

If water is scarce what should you do?

Drink your pee.

How can you pee yourself?

drink water duhhh...

How do water spiders survive?

they drink the pee.

How do you make yourself pee?

Drink lots of water, or take diuretic pills. This will make you pee.

Why is it that some days you pee a lot and somedays you pee less?

you will pee a lot if you drink lot of water

Why do pee colors change?

Sometimes our pee change colour whether it is yellow or clear...If your pee is in yellow colour it means you need to drink alot of water and if it is clear you drink water alot.

Why do you pee a lot when you drink water but only pee once or twice when you drink Soda?

You don't. You will pee about the same with each. Since caffien is a diuretic you will pee a little more with some sodas.

Can you drink water if test calls for fasting?

drink your own pee stupid

How do you make a girl pee?

Get her to drink lots of water.

How do lizards get their water?

they pee make a puddel and drink it

How do you not dilutte your pee?

dont drink a lot of water

How do you pee quickly for the doctor?

You drink a lot of water

What can i do to make me pee more?

Drink more water.

What did the Apaches drink from?

They mostly drank from spring water. If they didn't have water they would drink their own pee.

Why is MY pee orange?

Some times your pee is orange because u do not drink alot of water

is our pee sometimes turned into the water we drink today?

sometimes not always some are like fiji is made out of pee in a way cause of it being based o the wild and how good it is

What causes a dogs pee to smell bad?

You are smelling ammonia and you really shouldn't be able to. The dog may need to drink more water.