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heres what you so..... just go with both and do them both! hahahahahahahha jkjk

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Q: Is it bad to go to prom with your friend when you have a boyfriend but he isn't old enough to take you to the prom?
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Should you let your boyfriend go to another prom with an old friend?

yes, but you should give him condoms before the prom

What should you do if you kissed your best friend at prom and you like them?

Ask them to be your boyfriend/girlfriend (i dunno which gender you are so...)

What do you do if there's only 4 days left to prom and you don't have a prom dress and it's your first and last year for prom what should you do What outfit could I wear?

I think 4 days are enough to search a prom dress in a shop. If not maybe you can borrow one from your friend who has the same size with you

Is it mandatory to have a date for prom?

no it isnt just go with some friends if you dont have a date

Who the main characters of the book Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson?

Ashley Hannigan- Helps her friend with prom because the teacher stole the money. Ashley doesnt care to much about prom but her friend does. Nat (Ashley's Best Friend)

Who was Malia Ann Obama's prom date?

It is not clear that she has been to a prom yet. She is not old enough for a junior or senior prom.

What if your boyfriend went with another girl to prom?

i would be pissed.

How do you ask a friend to prom?

If you want to stay just friends tell them that you would like to go to the prom with them with no strings attached as you couldn't choose a better friend.

How can you ask your headmaster to have prom at your school?

well say I have been thinking I love my boyfriend and I wanna take him to a prom can we have one please

What do you do if your boyfriend ask someone else to prom?

If he tells me why he is taking her to prom, and I agree with it, I think it is not a problem. If he doesn't, I will probably break up with him.

What song does artie sing for his girlfriend?

He sings "Isnt she lovely" so she will go to prom with him. However it is a song for a baby!!

What does pfd stand for in fantage?

it means prom date or girlfriend or boyfriend

Should you have a one on one prom with the girl you love if you cannot take her to your real prom because you are going with a friend of yours but you really want to go with the girl you love?

If your friend is your friend they should let you go to the prom with the one you love. Being a good friend means always being there when your needed and being ok when your not needed.

I'm going to prom with a close friend girl as friends but we are traveling seperatly what is my job for prom as the male Dancing Do I but her flowers I'm terrible at these things?

If you are going to prom with a close friend girl as friends and you are traveling separately, you job at the prom will be to dance with her as a male also do not forget to bring her some flowers.

How do you ask a guy to prom other than the direct approach?

I got my friend to ask my date to prom.=It was either her do it or me. And i told her to do it.=

How do I get a date to prom when I don't have friends or a boyfriend?

Use good pick up lines

Where can you buy silver sequin converse for prom?

ask your girl-friend

How do you get a friend to go to prom with you?

just ask him/her thats the best option

Does karina pasian have a boyfriend?

karina pasian currently does not have a boyfriend, although there have been small rumors that her prom date was her bf. < which is totally untrue.

What should you do when your boyfriend won't go to the prom with you?

just ask some one else to go

What are advantage of having boyfriend or girlfriend in high school?

You don't need to worry about a prom date:*)

How do you ask your headteacher for a prom?

Just go up and ask him or her. But usually, teacher do not go to prom with a student! Many schools have rules that teachers can't go to a prom event with a teacher, but they may bring their wife/husband or girl/boyfriend.

Should you ask friend to prom on Valentine's Day?

Just ask them when you want to.

Should you go to prom with a girl knowing she wants to go with your best friend?

no, if you want to take the chance of getting hurt go ahead. chances are she will end up getting with your friend during the prom. its a bad idea.

I have a bf but dont want to go to prom with him I want to dump him and go with my ex prom is in almost a week and my ex is a guest and i need the form signed in 2 days he lives far away What do I do?

he is your boyfriend go to prom with him that's so rude