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Is it bad to have a baby at the age of thirteen?


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2006-02-15 01:03:37
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You're not a Bad Girl, but you are far too young to be having a baby. Baby's take up a lot of time and constant worry. To have a baby now would ruin your life and there is so much to see and do out in the world before you settle down to marrying and having children. Think of this. So you have a baby. As you are getting up at all hours of the morning feeding a crying baby, getting them through colic (gas) and changing poopy diapers every hour on the hour (not to mention scads of diarrhea and vomit) you will not have any time to go out and have fun with your girlfriends. You will not enjoy what you should be enjoying with your baby because you will resent the fact you are missing out on so much fun with your friends. Boys of your age are not interested in dating girls that already have a child at such a young age. So, there you are (if lucky at your parent's home) looking after a baby and watching the rest of the world go by. If you feel unloved, having a baby isn't the cure. Baby's are not dolls you can take down and play with every once in a while, but a little human being that needs care and nurturing 100% of your time. Please think about it, and I hope you are as smart as I think you are and will just get out with friends, have fun, get your education, go on vacations with your friends and have a ball before you settle down into motherhood. Good luck hon Marcy


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