Is it bad to have a baby at the age of thirteen or is it ok?

It is bad for several reasons:

1) You are not physically mature enough to carry the child easily.

2) You are not an adult yet so you don't have the maturity needed to do the job well. Raising a child is very hard and very important to do well. If you are a child yourself, then you are far from able to be an adult.

3) Your child will grow up without its father. This usually has a bad impact on the child (not always but usually). A daughter doesn't learn how to get along with men and thinks fathers aren't necessary. A son doesn't learn how to behave - how to be a man.

4) You don't have the money it takes so you are expecting other people to pay for you. That makes you a burden on your family and society.

5) You ruin your chance to get an education. At 13, you should be doing school so you can get a job that will lift you above the poverty line. With a baby, you are either out of school caring for it yourself or you are expecting others to raise it for you and going back to school. Either way you're less likely to get a good job.

6) It's criminal for anyone to have sex with you when you are 13. You are letting someone risk jail and being labeled a sex offender for life.

Take your time. There is a right time for sex and children and that time is when you are able to handle it. Right now, you aren't.