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That's not a pimple....

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You should go get that checked out bro

you cant have them IN your penis only ON you penis

I have not gotten any pimples on my balls. On my penis yes but not on my balls so I am guessing no.

If you have small bumps on your penis that are like pimples, it could be genital warts or another sexually transmitted disease.

Pimples you should try to pop them

pimples or herpes see a doctor

it may be the herpes zoster.

You might have him checked for Chicken Pox.

for boys, u start to smell bad,u get hairy everywhere, u can get a girl pregnant if u have sex with her,u sweat alot, u grow pimples,and your penis gets bigger

no! go take a shower you dirty, dirty person!!!

if its under the head u may just have papules

If they are really bad, you should get help from a doctor.

Rather than spend months worrying, see your doctor. It is probably nothing to worry about. But why worry,? See your doctor!

Ya it can cause pimples.. On face

It is normal to get white looking pimples or spots on the penis. Some are just hair follicles and the others are harmless. Nothing to worry about.

Pimples on a penis is not that rare, A lot of people have them, Obviously you probably won't get to see that nor will many men admit to it. Simple hygiene maintenance should be a cure, If you feel the problem is more out of your control, you may have a medical issue and may want to consult a dermatologist.

your a fat loser and have body odour

Actually, it is common to have pimples on certain parts of the body experiencing hair growth, such as the upper legs, chest, and penis as a teenage boy. These are caused by the raised grease levels in the areas. Some itchy and irritating red dots could also be caused by hairs trying to grow through the layers of skin. Masturbating can raise the number of these "pimples" The sweat and oils on your hands could cause grease on the penis, which, in turn, causes pimples. However, pimples can also be the signs of bigger and more dangerous issues. If the problem persists, tell your father or your doctor privately. Tight foreskins are entirely normal, and occur in some uncircumcised males. This is caused by the opening of the foreskin being too tight to draw back over the penis when errect. Searching "tight foreskin" on google could give you some stretching excercises to do which could aid in eventually having a foreskin which can draw back.

you've got aids do do do do not hiv but fuullllll blooooowwwwnnn aiiiiiids!

yea and if u still want info ask your doctor

Yes. Pimples can show up all over the body. Your pimple could be a STD if you have had unprotected sex.

it is because the bacteria in the pimple eates away at you

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