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Is it bad to have too much sex in one week?

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HELL NO!! Sex is the best exersise, best stress relief option and best way to stay connected both physically and mentally to your spouse. 365 24/7 is AWESOME!!

2011-03-26 19:24:34
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How many times you can make sex in one week for good health?

SEX 4 DAYS A WEEK, YOU LIVE LONGER...-DR.OZ..haha i guess I'm like immortal then.Answer: It does not depend how much sex you have , but depends how much you and your partner enjoy it ,as no book or doctor says sex is bad for health , and how much makes no difference !

Is to much sex bad for you?

no is is better

You are in periods more than one week i had not gone through sex?

"You are in periods more than one week i had not gone through sex?"

How do you know if you are pregnant after 1 week?

After one week of sex or missed period? You should be specific. There is no use of knowing about the conception after one week of sex. It is too much expensive also. If you have had a sexual contact and want to know about it, wait for one week. Then take the morning sample of urine and go for the pregnancy test. Repeat it twice a week. If you do not get the periods, then consult the gynecologist. She will do the needful.

How can i become pregnant in one week?

Just have unprotected sex.

You had unpertected sex then one week later had your period are you pregnant?


Is it bad to be friends with the same sex or the opposite sex?

It's bad to be friends with people because of their sex. Be friends with them because you like them. People are much more than their genitals.

If you get ejaculated into is it bad for your pregnancy?

No, if you so much want sex.

Can you be pregnant after one week of sex?

Of course! All it takes is one drop of semen and after one week you've got a lot more then that.

Can a person get pregnant 1 week before their period If it is not during your fertile days is there still a chance?

Yes, one may still get pregnant the week before menstruation.

I want an answer for How many times you can make sex in one week for good health?

Sex surely keeps one healthy and fit, but there is no equation that tells you how many times you should have sex in a week to get good health. I know of people who have sex once in two and half weeks and then others who have sex around fourteen times a week. Both types have good health. It is basically your sex drive that determines how many times you can have sex in a week. If you feel like having sex more number of times then just go ahead and do it. It is only when you try to restrict your libido that you start getting problems.

Is too much sex bad for a male?

Too much sex can lead to lack of erections, less semen, and it can make it harder to reach orgasm

If you i sex last week and just got my shot this week could i be pregnant?

if i had sex last week and got my shot this week could i be pregant?

Is self sex bad for health?

No self sex is not bad for the health.

Why is same-sex marriage bad?

It's not bad, it's actually alright to be the same-sex and get marriedNo one has proven that it is.But some people thinks that their religion is telling them that it is bad.However, in a civilized country religion doesn't make the laws, and give people as much freedom as possible to pursue happiness in any way they want to.

Is it possible to pee out your butt?

yes i did it last week a it was delitful and it mit be from have too much sex

What if you start birth control one week after period?

If you are not having sex/unprotected sex, you can start your birth control whenever you want.

how is sex?

very bad dont do it

Can you tell if you're pregnant after one week?

No. The earliest you can find out is 2 weeks after sex

What week can you tell the sex of your baby?

Around week 18

You had got your period for one day a week before your period but have had unpretected sex are you pregnant?

you might be

Is the bad girls club a bad show to watch?

Yes, it bad and there is sex and girls having sex with each other

Can you still have protected sex on your one week break from the Nuvaring Also is it still safe to have sex even if i started my menstrual period that week?

Yes you can, you are always protected as long as you are using the ring 100% correctly and on time.

You had a one night stand with no condom and the guy pulled out the doctor told you i got pregnant a week later could it be from the one night stand?

It depends on when the one night stand was. If it was a week before you got pregnant, then yes, it probably is from the one night stand. If you had sex after the one night stand, then it could be the other time you had sex

How do you turn bad sex into good sex?