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HELL NO!! Sex is the best exersise, best stress relief option and best way to stay connected both physically and mentally to your spouse. 365 24/7 is AWESOME!!

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โˆ™ 2011-03-26 19:24:34
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Q: Is it bad to have too much sex in one week?
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How many times you can make sex in one week for good health?

SEX 4 DAYS A WEEK, YOU LIVE LONGER...-DR.OZ..haha i guess I'm like immortal then.Answer: It does not depend how much sex you have , but depends how much you and your partner enjoy it ,as no book or doctor says sex is bad for health , and how much makes no difference !

How bad is it to have unprotected sex a week after you are done with your period?

one week after you have stopped your period you are ovulating most likely to get pregnant. Not bad at all. That's the way babies come into the world.

How often is too much for sex per week?

You cant have too much sex!

Is too much sex bad?

No its not. I mean it depends how you look at. If you going out 3-4 times a week having sex with random girls or guys. and its unprotected. Then yes, that could be bad. But facts have been shown. If your in a realationship. or not? You should keep your sex level of atleast a minimum of 32 hrs. a week for a healthy realationship!

Is to much sex bad for you?

no is is better

You are in periods more than one week i had not gone through sex?

"You are in periods more than one week i had not gone through sex?"

How much sex does a person have in a week?

it depends on how sex crazed the people are if they are not that sex crazed then they only have sex about once every 2 weeks but if they really sex crazed then about 2-5 times a week

You had unpertected sex then one week later had your period are you pregnant?


How can i become pregnant in one week?

Just have unprotected sex.

If you get ejaculated into is it bad for your pregnancy?

No, if you so much want sex.

Is it bad to be friends with the same sex or the opposite sex?

It's bad to be friends with people because of their sex. Be friends with them because you like them. People are much more than their genitals.

Can you be pregnant after one week of sex?

Of course! All it takes is one drop of semen and after one week you've got a lot more then that.

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