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Is it bad to poop in your pants?


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October 11, 2008 1:22AM

Yes. The bacteria in stool can seep through clothing fibers and be transfered to any object it encounters. Some bacteria strains can lead to deadly results. Typhoid is one disease in particular transfered via this route. The story of Typhoid Mary was true (See: The Typhoid epidemic was tracked down to a meat processing plant where the carrier failed to adhere to proper hygene; such as the washing of the hands after taking a bowel movement. The bacteria was subsequently transfered to the raw meat and ultimately infected consumers. Ebola and parasites such as tapeworms can also be passed via contact with stool. The stool of newborn infants contains less bacteria because they had previously been in a mostly sterile environment. That is why parents often notice it may seem nearly odorless. Washing one's hands after changing an infant is still a necessary precaution and a child should not be changed on a surface which may come in contact with food. Stool can cause rashes on exposed flesh. There are some people that develop allergies to their own stool. There are also diseases that can be transfered via urine.