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I'm wondering the same thing. Honestly though I'm 3 weeks post op and have smoked probably 10 days in those 3 weeks. I don't know I think I'm going to stop though because I hear it interferes with the healing process, and I just want the swelling to go down as soon as possible, So I wouldn't recommend it. It's not worth it just stay sober for 30 days

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Is it safe to smoke weed before getting wisdom teeth out?

what in the hell... ?

What happens if you smoke weed before court?

don't smoke weed

When can you start smoking weed again after getting your wisdom teeth removed?

you can smoke weed right after if you want. just hit it through your nose. sounds strange but helps with the pain

Can you smoke weed after getting a vaccination?

yes you can

Can you smoke weed after getting your appendix out?

why would you want to smoke weed? It's bad for your lung's and your brain. As far your appendix, be smart and leave weed alone.

Smoke weed at hash bash?

No you can not because it's not legal to smoke weed, but. That does not mean you can get blazed before you go! Haha (:

Is it safe to smoke medical weed after getting 3 fillings?


Is it bad to smoke weed before surgery?


Who smoke your weed?

You smoke my weed!

Can smoke still go through your mouth if someone blows weed up your nose?


How much weed can you smoke before testing positive?

it doesnt matter how much you smoke. as soon as you smoke it, its in your system.

What happens if you smoke weed night before surgery?


Can you smoke weed before bone surgery?

Yes anytime is fine

Is it safe to smoke weed within 48 hours before sugary?


Does Mitchel Musso smoke weed?

no he doesnt smoke weed

How do you get higher when you smoke weed?

Dont smoke weed or be square

How can you get medicated to smoke weed?

You can get medicated to smoke weed if you have glacoma.

Does nuri smoke weed?

yes she smoke alot of weed.

Is it ok to smoke weed after getting wisdom teeth removed?

One should not smoke weed unless prescribed. However, if one does smoke weed, you shouldn't smoke weed until your gums are fully healed from the surgery. Smoking may increase a chance of an infection, so if able to, you should refrain from smoking until the gums are fully healed.

Can you smoke weed the day before getting your teeth pulled?

Yes, you can smoke the day of even. But brush your teeth, and if you have braces, your dentist may judge you. But he cares more about your money than your drug habits.

Can americans smoke weed in amsterdam Or is it illegal now because my friend said some law passed saying foreigners couldn't smoke weed there any more?

Anyone who goes to Amsterdam can buy weed, and smoke it, but they are getting more serious about people taking it out of Amsterdam.

Can you smoke weed buds?

That's the part of weed your supposed to smoke.

Can you smoke a little weed?

If you smoke weed, you might be addicted to it, it depends on you.

Do you bleed more if you smoke weed before getting a tattoo?

Not substantially, but yes, you do. The same result is more true if you take blood thinning medication and/or alcohol.

Can you smoke weed with a little mold on it?

Sure, but you run the risk of getting really sick if you do.

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