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This is completely normal. Talk to your doctor to releive any discomfort.


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Doucheing while pregnant is a very bad idea. This can cause serious infection to the vaginal area, including the cervix, which can inturn, be harmful to you're unborn baby.

You can. But there should be a background of reduced estrogen. It is useful in bacterial vaginosis ( where you suffer bad odour) and in recurrent urinary tract infections. But consult your doctor to decide on the condition.

No vaginal discharge should be kept clean to prevent infection.

No. Used as directed, it can help prevent skin from excessive dryness.

Eating pizza is not bad while pregnant.

Answer me this, why is cruelty to humans bad? because they suffer and people feel bad for them. That is why.

yes flu pills are bad when you are pregnant its not heathy

It is bad to get pregnant if you have a boyfriend. You should have a husband.

Bacterial vaginosis can have the following effects:infertilityvaginal odorexcessive vaginal dischargevaginal irritationcan lead to other serious diseases if left untreated

yes it is very bad for pregnant woman and can kill your baby :(

Yes - Bacterial Vaginosis is a specific vaginal bacterial infection, a man cannot suffer from Bacterial Vaginosis per say but a bacterial infection can be passed to a partner so he may suffer from 'bad' bacteria being discreeted into his urethra leading to unusual penile discharge or pain during urination.

in most cases 80% it means you are pregnant do to a vaginal duct release that can stimulate embryotic fluid build up that puts pressure on the abdomen.

it is not bad to drink tea while pregnant it helps the baby

No. It is not bad to get pregnant after uncomplicated appendicitis operation. With complicated appendicitis, you need to consult your surgeon before getting pregnant.

any smoking while pregnant is terrible. im all for weed but if your pregnant its a bad idea

Both, Its bad debt period and you will suffer bad with either.

it is not that bad! it's a livable place! you do not suffer at all!

Clean yourself and have the doctor check you for disease.

I've been having some vaginal problems. It seem like my pee has a very bad smell. I also been vaginal itching can you tell me what is this or what its causing it?. Do you have a solution for me?

Vaginal itching with a bad odor could be a yeast infection. It could also be a number of sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to consult with your doctor and be tested so this is correctly diagnosed.

No, vaginal infections don't always hurt and in fact most commonly don't hurt at all. In most cases a vaginal infection is going to cause unusual discharge and bad odour, but not pain.

I am 37 weeks pregnant and have a chest infection and am on antibiotics, the doctor assures me this is safe. However at this stage of pregnancy it has really taken its toll on me and i feel really poorly, i would see your GP and don't suffer in silence.

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