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Is it bad to tell a girl she has a nice butt?

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At least you had the common sense to ask this question. Yes, it's crass to tell her that. Tell her she has a nice figure instead of a nice butt. It's all in the way you put the words together boyo so pay attention. WHEN IN DOUBT KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!


say nice Tit's Instead.

2011-05-19 15:48:29
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How do you tell a girl that she has a big butt?

I think she already knows! If you want her to feel better about it, tell her you LOVE it. If you want to make her feel bad..... shame on you.

Is it bad to touch a girls butt?

It is bad to touch a girl's butt, if it is done on purpose and the girl doesn't consent to the touch.

If a girl fingers another girl is that bad?

No, why is it bad? if you both want to do it why not, just don't tell anyone else that you did it, or next time she might not let you do it, it should feel nice for both of you.

Is Selena a nice girl?

she's in the middle of nice and bad but i can live with that

How do kiss a girl if you are a girl?

You tell them they are a bad kisser, then when they deny it tell them to prove it.

Is Emily osment bad?

No. She's a nice girl.

Is it bad to tell a girl she's beautiful even if you don't know her very well?

not unless you go all creeper on her if you just tell her she is beautiful then that's a nice compliment :)

How do you deal with a mean girl?

No you don't ' murder ' her, that's bad. Tell your parents, tell a teacher, talk to her and tell her that she;s being mean and if somebody was bullying her then she'd feel bad too or just be mean back or try being a little nice

What does a girl mean when she says that you are not bad?

When a girl says that you not bad means that she thinks you are a nice person. This could also mean that she likes you.

What does it mean when a girl tells you to look at her ass?

in my opinion if she does asks you that if you like the girl then you should tell her she has a nice ass even if your lying because if you dont tell her that and say it looks bad or insult her over it then girls can get very offended if a lad insults her about her body.

Sample of short oration piece its really nice?

THE BAD GIRLhey!! you, you, you, all of you.....why are you staring at me ....that was because I'm a bad girl.....a bad girl that helps you always???i know I'm a bad girl,but i know somedayyou'll understandwhy my attitude is like that........

What if you steal your friends girl?

tell him too bad

How do i make my butt smaller?

Well if your a girl and you are thin , having a bigger butt is not bad , same goes for men , but if u wana go through with it , i suggest you do butt crunches , you flex your butt for 2 seconds and then release , and repeat this , its like an exercise

If a girl you just met asks you that you might seem to nice and you say no then she says are u bad and you say im nice but not to nice is this a bad sign?

no its not shes just trying to get to know you cause she might like you

How do you tell the girl you are dating that she is a bad kisser?

you dont if you not what to be slapped

What are the goods and bads of telling a girl that is a friend that she is cute?

Good: She will be extremely happy with receiving a compliment! it will make her happy, and you obviously care about this girl so it is a nice thing to make people you care for feel happy =] Bad: There is no bad!! honesty is the best policy, if you think someone is cute tell them! if you like someone tell them! Good luck :P

How do you relieve a dog from dragging his butt?

you tell him to heel and say bad dog and use a scooter if need be or a wagon

Why did this girl you like give you a paper card?

That means she likes you or hates you! read the card and see, is the words nice or bad? If nice she likes you.

Is brown noser a bad word?

Not nice. But it means a person who acts nice to someone to get something. They are up their "butt" so to speak.

Is cracking your neck bad for you?

cracking your butt is bad

What lists you as a nice guy in a girls head?

a nice guy is nice to everyone and doesn't talk bad about anyone. a nice guy would open the door for her and tell her she looks pretty. but you can't just act like your nice you have to be nice and if you are she will notice.

Are dolphins nice or bad?

nice if traned bad if wiled

Is god bad or nice?

god is nice but not bad though..........

How do you tell a girl she's bad at kissing?

bite an apple or braces

What do you do if the boy you like is bad boy but you're a good girl?

I can tell you from experience that bad boys are better from a distance than close up. Yes, they can be fun but in the long run they are players and trouble. Keep your distance since you are a good girl and try to meet a nice boy. Things will turn out much better than with a bad boy. The only thing you will get from him is hurt and trouble.